Thursday, May 27, 2010

The clock of Audiencia Square strikes one o'clock

The clock of Audiencia Square strikes one o'clock is a short film created for the X International Short Film Competition of Soria organized by La Boca del Lobo traveling Festival. This is a fictional documentary about the history of the clock that presides over the square of the city of Soria. Antonio Machado and Marco Polo are, among others, the protagonists of this unique history.

PDA (Little Animated Doodles) continues its involvement in Animacam, presenting a new animation work, this time by 12 children from Soria between 9 and 12 years of age. This project made and developed with the Cervantes Institute, the association aims to showcase the beauty and innocence with which a child might think, to draw, trace and portray a story.

Production: PDA

Duration: 3'34''approx.

Natalia Pascual (9 years), Miguel Robledo Arabela (9 years), César García Borque (12 years), Lucia Supper (9 years), David Carramiñana Jimenez (12 years), Gala Castro (12), Mary Berzosa (12 years), Angela Lorenzo Garcia (12), Alberto del Rio (12), Iago Tarazona Calvo (12), Stephania Barcacel Cueto (10 years), Iñigo Lainez (10 years), Jara Baena (12)

Special Greetings to: Vermin Javier, Rafael San Millán, Ramiro, Ana García

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