Friday, July 30, 2010

Cannibalien: you´ll be eaten!

In the not-too distant future, mankind has been reduced to nothing more than a daily source of sustenance for the Cannibaliens. This scary and terrorified animation by the Japanese Kaichi Sato, presents a different story and argument, with strange and well-done caracthers as starring.

The lovely, roving food reporter May has been abducted mid-broadcast by an eco-terrorist group known as the HFL (Human Free Line). Bitterly opposed to the consumption of human flesh, they have unleashed a devastating virus into the food supply and have demanded that May convey their message on TV to an unsuspecting public. May is subjected to gruesome images of humans being slaughtered and soon enlists in the cause.

With May´s assistance, the HFL shows footage of disease-ravaged humans and Cannibaliens in prime time,plunging Cannibalien society into unprecedented mass hysteria. Consumers of human meat are terror-stricken, workers are committing suicide in droves, and the economy is falling apart. While society crumbles, May's career begins to take off as the HFL step up their clandestine efforts to save the humans.

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