Friday, September 23, 2011

Animators from Georgia, Panama and Greece represent their respective countries at Animacam edition IV.

To conclude the week we present the works of various international animators in their respective categories that will compete for a prize of 600 euros.

From Georgia by Zurab Diasamidze comes an animated shortfilm of Vladimir "Lado" Sulakvelidke, under the title "A Legend About wine",that tells the story of the origin of the wine according to the popular tradition of this country.

It will be accompanied in the shortfilm category by "All's a lie" a great theory of the end of the universe that offers us an amazing outcome. This film created by Polykarp Parioristsas will be one of the Greece representatives at the festival.

For the multimedia category, from Panama we get two works of Eduardo Galvís.

With "Intervención Torre Eiffel" he has created an animated music video characterized by his powerful chromaticism and powerful background music.

While with "Las siluetas de una Ciudad" he shows us the eponymous animation project, in which seeks an answer and invites people to an awareness of the city culture.

Before the weekend, from the Animacam team, we would like to invite to animators from all over the world to participate in the fourth edition of Animacam, reminding you to share your films with the whole big family of Animacam. You just have to upload your animation films to the Web of Animacam 4th edition, subject to fulfillment of the rules that are linked here, and you can opt for a cash prize of 600 euros per category.

We are looking forward you to join us!!

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