Thursday, March 18, 2010

Them and their circunstances...

It tells a story about one day events which happen to one innocent family. There are five storylines, from four different characters' viewpoints. Stories are seemingly random yet vitally connected with the tale of a set of incidents in one day. The animation starts with the end of the story and then the viewer can find the clue like fitting the pieces of a puzzle.

This is an experimental online animation, which introduces a new way to watch animation. It combines videos and flash with actionscript. All movies are put together in flash and through the actionscript programming code, people can see more than two angle shots simultaneously, select the chapters and the video segments and create their own storylines. Also there are dynamic animations in flash itself so the animations in videos and those in flash interact each other, crossing the frames. This frame means not only the literal frame object in Ji-Hyun's work but also the boundary between linear video work and nonlinear flash interactivity.

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