Friday, April 16, 2010

We welcome this weekend releasing!

Today, Friday, April 16, we present other new five animation works, that participate in this Third Edition of Animacam. Authors of all ages (beginners and veterans), using different animation techniques in the service of their imagination and powerful storytelling, fresh and unpredictable.

The experimented Russian animator Konstantin Bronzit, shares a traditional 2D animation of 1998: At the ends of the Earth, about the daily life of an elderly woman. The French school Gobelins continues to share with us their
animation works. This week releases Le Ruban, a story about a man captured in China in the sixties. Inma Carpe, winner in the second edition to his work in retrospect, In the winter palace, presents Joli Dragon, a 2D animation created for a spot in the campaign against AIDS. And from South America, we get a curious mix animation with 2D real image by computer: Mimo by Nahuel Pazos as well as the work of the Uruguayan Pilar Barbera, El Chico Mantarraya, about a boy who discovers he has more friends than he has imagined.

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