Monday, November 14, 2011

Eight major releases of the best international animation at Animacam 2011

The final duel of votings in Animacam is near, and we're still receiving plenty of films coming from all regions of the world. Remember that you are still in time to participate in the more lively festival; upload to the web or send your movie by mail to: and you could win 600 euros. Cheer up and participate.

So now let's have a look to today's presentations. And who better to begin than the renowned Czech animator Pavel Soukup, that presents to the official section three very interesting creations.

For the retrospective category, we are pleased to present "Tumorrows Never Knows". A work full of plasticity that complements a refined technique and a high quality, to present one of the works that has achieved more recognitions in 2011.

And in the same category, it is accompanied by the award winning "Feeders", a great animated short film that has garnered an immense amount of awards in 2010. Do not miss it!

For the multimedia category, he presents an interesting visual art under the name "Women Type" which invites us to reflect on the values and the tastes of men regarding women.

Going on with the high-quality selection of today at Animacam, we have the great pleasure to present three works produced by the Superior School of Art ESDIP. Through them, students of this recognized school delight us with their talent offering three amazing animated shorts films.

By the hand of director Rouzbeh Soljouh, the creation "Humo" is presented as a graphic metaphor that goes beyond the negative consequences of smoking. It also addresses the ecological impact of pollution generated by our lifestyle.

César Fdez Desmond presents us "El árbol Umdoni". A story that takes place in the heart of South Africa, where Mbali Nandi and her daughter live alone while working hard in fields; but one day their routine is broken by something that will change their lifes forever.

Through "Yaku", Nacho Pesquera and Nacho Subirats get us into into the story of Yaku, a special child. One day someone takes away his illusion, but when he thinks he has lost everything, a stranger brings him to have a magical journey.

If tender stories is what we are talking about, today we are pleased to present one of the most significant creations of the Lithuanian animation of all time. "Brother Bebe", of the great director Rasa Joni, will shine in the retrospective category with a story full of tenderness and ideals that will delight the young audience.

To conclude the more lively presentations, the most animated touch comes from Argentina by the hand of the music band Bela Lugosi, with its smash hit "Mondongo Reggae". An animation offered by the directors Damián Planas and Nicolás Alcetegaray . A great job, friends.

And with all these we say goodbye until Wednesday, when we will offer you the great Animated creations of Studio Balieri's friends. You cannot lose their talent.

Animated greetings and very happy week!

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