Friday, November 11, 2011

Max Hattler and Pooja Pottenkulam are the proper names of the week at Animacam 2011

If on Wednesday the animations of the Indian origin director Pooja Pottenkulam were the ones that were shining at Animacam billboard in the retrospective category, this Friday we have the great pleasure to present the creations of the prestigious and renowned director Max Hattler, which will show the high quality works that have led him to win and triumph in several festivals and major open events around the world.

And in strict chronological order we will present you the five animations that we have recived from Pooja Pottenkulam to entertain us; this exceptional indian origin entertainer, as always, related to the television channel MTV.

"Killing time", shows us an exceptional creation that uses the technique of clay and in which some children, while waiting for his father, believe they see a kidnapper. A superb work produced in India.

With "Nap" he shows us a story of a mother and her son, filled with a unique magic that gives to the animation a special charisma.

Using the technique Cut Out, Pooja creates the imaginative story of two children that takes place in a singual fishbowl under the title of "Walking on water with fish in it".

And to complete his contributions, we present two MTV channel ID filler titled "Girl with Rabbit" and "Traffic".

Remember that you can enjoy these fantastic animations in the retrospective category of Animacam 2011.

And in today's releases, as we had advanced, the name of the great experimental director Max Hattler shines with three fantastic animations that are in the retrospective and the multimedia category. And these reflect clearly the great quality that has catapulted this director to succeed in festivals and open events around the world.

As proof of this we present "Jovanotti: L´ Ombelico del mondo", a visual show created and produced by Max and Jovanotti that gathers thousands of spectators, and provides with higher quality the work of the italian musician.

With "Collision" he has created an abstract political film, which through American and Islamic patterns and using the colors and geometry of flags, gets us into an interesting field for reflection.

And to end with Max's contributions, and in the multimedia category, you can enjoy the promopresentation of Vienna Independent Shorts Fetival 2011.

A great Max's work that serves us to say goodbye until next Monday, when we'll be waitting for you with great creation of acclaimed world's directors of the international animation.

Happy weekend to all!

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