Friday, November 4, 2011

Great week of the Animacam animation with various international proposals that you can enjoy at the most animated billboard.

 Seven new animations that bind to the last Wednesday's premieres to form a more attractive range of possibilities for all audiences in the more lively festival.

The Supinfocom 2010 proposal in short film is joined with a more than attractive multimedia offer to entertain all audiences with an amazing time through the best international animation 2010 and 2011.

And as usual, the presentations will begin with the Supinfocom 2010 creations.
The most natural proposal comes with the creation "D'una rare crudite", which shows us the life of a colorful garden under the expressiveness of a very interesting animation.

Praising a refined 3D technique, "Fly me Out" takes us into a tender story of two children in search of freedom, in search of an escape, looking for fly.

The most terrifying touch comes with "Hambuster". Is this another zombie movie? No, it isn't. You will find the best atmosphere, with a "Resident Evil" style, in this charming animated story that will not let you indifferent.

For the little ones, we have bet for "Hezarfen", where several Supinfocom students show us a funny story in a bazaar, with pronounced reminiscences of the Disney Aladdin. A great work, friends!

A brilliant and extremely colorful touch comes with "Matatoro", an epic appeal to taurine culture full of magical poetry, in one of the most colorful works of the fourth edition of Animacam. With hints of Picasso and Dali, for no reason you must miss this very great contribution of Supinfocom students.

With "Maximall" we are shown a film filled with intrigue, characterized by a great atmosphere and refined technique in which a young tries to get away from a department store while is attacked by any object that lives there. Do not miss this moment full of excitement with this great short film.

One of the funniest and most dynamic Animacam adventures comes under the title "Meet Buck", an amazing and exciting persecution by the father of a bride in search of his hunting trophy.

Get into a unique slimming clinic to experience the know the love of two lovers with "Slim Time", a thought-provoking animation film.

Supinfocom also presents two art visual creations for the media category that will show you the high quality that holds this prestigious animation school. If a picture is worth a thousand words, come and see these great deals: "Split" and "Telegraphics"

To continue with the multimedia offer, besides Supinfocom, we have the great pleasure to introduce you four major contributions:

From Russia, Marina Moshkova entertains us with "Duality", a real mix Stopmotion of 2D image, which shows us the internal struggle of the two parts of a being. Do not miss this great contribution that we get from Marina.

From Spain, a refined visual beauty, accompanied by a very great musical setting, we have a video of Eila Pérez Vázquez and Clara Pisón López, who lead us into this carefully prepared and studied art video production, "Heterotopías". Congratulations for this work, friends.

A new musical clip comes from Holland by the hand of Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins and Marieke Blaauw, who staged the theme "Born with Bothered Mind" of the prestigious group Happy Camper.

And from Spain, for all audiences, the story of Skynet's latest innovation: "T-1200". An amazing 3D work of our friend Hicham Bouzahzah, which surely will make you have a great time.

And that's all for this week friends. On Monday we'll show you new premieres from all over the world in the most lively festival.

Happy weekend!

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