Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A million thanks for your million visits

 Today, after four years together, Animacam wants to thank you for sharing with us this long journey, that has allowed us to enjoy your company along this time and that also has made possible to form the great animated family that meets every year in each of the editions.

Thanks to participants and followers, industry professionals, young talents,  producers and animation schools, distributors ... to all of you thanks for continuing sharing the illusion of this project and, with your dedication and interest, enable Animacam´s Web Site to reach one million visits.

 Through this achievement, we can only reaffirm our commitment with you: to continue helping you to promote your works, to help international animation in finding its small house in the network of networks and, above all, to make you enjoy of unforgettable animated moments.

With all this, we can only add that we'll be waiting for you at Animacam V with the same enthusiasm as the first day and with a desire to continue the journey together.

Thank you very much to all !!!

The Animacam Team