Monday, November 28, 2011

Grand premiere of Korean artist Jisuk Jung at Animacam 2011

 Jisuk Jung is a Korean multiartist, born in 1980. Her contribution to the animated world started in 2002 and since that then she has been in many festivals around the world with significant important creations.

The popular acclaim has come to her through the French public, a country where in 2004 she made a presentation of her works garnering a phenomenal criticism from the professional sector.

Among her most important references we can highlight a first prize at the "France Flash Festival 2005", the "Internet Festival de Bordeaux", the "Seul Net Festival" and at the "Melbourne Festival" where two of her greatest creations have triumphed: "Reve de Canne" and "The blue glass bird".

The main theme of her work focuses on the loneliness and ecologism, as a reflection of the modern global society.

Always showing her disagreement with the loss of the own culture, she presents in her animation work the concept of loneliness with a feeling of despair, as a search within a socializing conflict.

On the most ecologist side of her work, Jisuk complaints about the human damage to the earth because of its expansionist nature and creates a world that invites us to reflect on the human origin from its most natural side.

Regarding the technique, Jisuk Jung uses a 2D classic, using the drawing as a main tool for developing her work. Despite of this, we can observe in some of her creations 2D computer images mixed with real images.

If you try to make a comparison of the techniques and themes she uses with any other artist, it will be hard not to find an reminiscent of Monique Renault and Hellen Meske on her creations, either in the style or in the rebel and active theme. Despite of this, Jisuk shows a more colorful creation, with more contrasts and great strength. Black, Red, Blue and Yellow seek the contrast with white figures, characteristic in her works.

For a more detailed knowledge of her creation, The International Animation Festival Online "Animacam" presents a special series about this artist with whom you can enjoy 8 of her most significant creations. Enjoy them!

On Wednesday last releases of Animacam 2011. Forbidden LOST!

Friday, November 25, 2011

9 international premieres for the last weekend before the vote

The voting are close and directors are still sending us top-quality works from all over the world.

And without further ado, now we begin with the today's presentations:

From France, the great director Carlos de Carvalho, regales us a well-worked short animation tittled "Do I Have Power"; through chinesse shadows , he gets us into the quirky world of a child in his interaction with nature. Do not miss the unique beauty of this creation that brings us Carlos.

This is followed by the creation "Monster and Duimplim". It has been send from the U.S. by the animation director Jihwan Jung. "Monster and Duimplim" is a 3D animated short film that tells a tender story about friendship between a boy and a monster. This work has won several international awards at festivals in USA, Korea and Canada. It has also been selected as a finalist for about twenty animation festivals around the world.

From Mexico City, friends of the "Llamarada de Petate" provide us with three magnificent creations under their production. A quality offer for all ages that you can enjoy in the short film category under the name "Sin Juicio", "A secas" and "El Cortejo"

And so we enter into the multimedia category, in which today we have the great pleasure to welcome the prestigious director from Mozambique, Nildo Essa. Making us feeling proud for his debut at international festivals, Nildo presents us the quality that treasures his animation work "Rice Factory". A very interesting film classified somewhere between a short film and an tv spot, which speaks clearly of the great emergency of animation in Africa.

And changing to the retrospective category, we have the great pleasure to welcome two well-known participants in Animacam.

From Canada Scott Portingale presents "Photosyntesis", a Stop Motion animation which has brought him to the top of several international festivals.

The other is Sil van der Woerd from Holland, who presents a lively clip of the singer "Lady Jane Blue" and whose title is "Worms". This creation shows perfectly the quality of this director when setting 3D environments, which we could already enjoy in the last edition of Animacam with "White Swan".

And to finish with the weekend's offer, we are glad to present from Slovakia the great animation director Veronika Obertová, who brings us a great work under the name "Viliam" and which has led Veronika to succeed in Festivals of the 5 continents.

So now we say goodbye until next Monday, when you will be albe to enjoy with special animated works of the great Korean director Jisuk Jung.

Happy weekend friends!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Last week of films' registration at Animacam and 6 new premieres in the most lively billboard

It is one week left for the films registration deadline at Animacam, and we are still receiving animated creations from all over the world. Today we propose you to enjoy of a very lively billboard with new countries participating and interesting works that we are sure will delight adults and children.

Let's start with the presentations.

From Spain, Ernest Lovera and Esther Salgado offer us two wonderful animated short films named "El regalo de Blanca" and "El laberinto del Fenix". The award-winning animation "El regalo de Blanca" take us into the magical story of a girl who receives an unusual present from her father. A story full of tenderness that will make us to palpitate. Do not miss it in the short film category of Animacam.

While with "El laberinto del Fenix", they show us an elaborated ode to freedom characterized by an impeccable script and equipped with a high technical quality. Two great works of animation that clearly reflect the quality that treasure these two fantastic directors.

By the hand of Animostra friends, from Portugal, we get two wonderful and educational animations to make that young and old will enjoy with this fourth edition of Animacam. With "Foxi & Meg" by André Letria, and "Ginjas: Burocracia" of Humberto Santana, you can enjoy of opposing terms to taste such timely topics as solidarity and affection, and combining these with basics of border transgression.

In the retrospective category, we have the great pleasure to present one of the animation works with the largest number of international awards in recent years. By the hand of the famous Slovak director Boris Sima, we present "Chytte ho !!!". A unique animated work that lasts 18 minutes and that will let you to enjoy of the technical skills of this great director.

And to end a great presentations' day, we couldn't do it better than talking about the painter Mireya Martin Larumbe. This artist from Pamplona entertains us in the multimedia category with "Nosotros cuando amamos", a true reflection of her artistic creation transferred to the animated world and that surely will make us to enjoy of her artistic talents and her unforgetable performance.

And so we said goodbye until next Friday when you could enjoy of new leading international creations that come to us from great animation directors from France, USA, Canada, Holland, México.

As you remember, you are still in time to participate. Upload your work at the Animacam web or send it by email or web transfer:

We are waiting for you!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Enjoy with new 8 releases at Animacam 2011

A new week starts and we are close to the final vote in Animacam 2011. Today we have the great pleasure to present new animations that have gained a reputed international prestige.

So now it is time to start with the presentations.

From England, Kirk Hendry entertains us with its award-winning work "Round". "Round" is a fantastic piece of art that you will enjoy in the retrospective category, created using hand shadows to recreate life in a jungle. It is forbidden to miss this spectacular film.

It is accompanied, in short film category, by "El extranjero", a futuristic western full of tension and intrigue that comes from the hand of the Argentine animation director Nicolás Dezillio.

From Romania, our good friend and famous director Ion Octavian Frecea entertains us with one of his last masterpieces "The Fresco-The curse of Dragulea". A film about love and a curse, a legend where lovers are fighting for their love.

From France comes "eskimo", an amusing story about a funny 3D Eskimos.

And in the multimedia category we will enjoy with the video art "Spain", inspired and set in Spain by the Slovak directors of animation Lucia Cernekova and Peter Luha. The magic and color are evident in this wonderful animated film.

In the same category it is accompanied by a little animation for mobile that comes from Peru and named 
 "San Valentin", a courtesy of Boris Cornejo.

From Spain arrived the fun piece "Jessica va al casting", a fun lively approach with entertains us and created by the director Harold Jimenez . You can enjoy it in retrospective category at Animacam.

And finally, by the hand of director Victor Amanatidis  comes "Water Loop". An interesting and funny Flash Documentary about the water cycle. A beautiful animated work for all audiences

çAnd so we said goodbye until Wednesday, reminding you that the deadline for the films' registration is approaching. You have a week and a half, so we are waiting for your films with enthusiasm!

Happy week to everyone!

Friday, November 18, 2011

8 major releases of the best international animation at Animacam 2011

 The final stretch of Animacam 2011 is close and we continue receiving very high-qualified creations to the most lively festival. In this way, 8 major releases will be the stars of the weekend, through which we can enjoy the best of world animation.

To start with the presentations we couldn't do it better than talking about Malika Whitaker, who regales us two wonderful art works full of intimate dyes, through which we are invited to reflect on the particular side of the commitment sense. With "Fear me not" for the shortfilm and "Lettin'go" for the retrospective, we will be able to observe the evolution of the most intimate feelings of this prestigious French animation director.

From the "Divulgare" friends we get two very well-worked documentary creations for the festival's multimedia category. With "Bilogical invasions: the case of American mink" and "Adaptive Strategies: burglar alarm hypothesis", they show us the scientific side of our close reality in an easy way.

The Divulgare animation works will have the great company of a promo-presentation of the Deaths' Day in Mexico. An evocative animated work created by Cesar Omar Esparza, and that is an accurate reflection of the great culture and idiosyncrasies of this country.

From Belgium, and by Britt Raes, it arrives "I like a bird". A fantastic story endowed with great visual beauty that will lead us into a completely surreal world. Enjoy of this great animation of the retrospective category at Animacam.

And for the retrospective category, it is accompanied by another singular creation of Hicham Bouzahzah, a director who pays a tribute with Street Fighter to the famous Capcom video game that triumphed in arcades in the 90's.

Finally, the comic side comes from Hungary by Csaba Bardos, who with his creation "Albert", will let us to enjoy of some amusing times flavored with an animation proposal that exudes quality on all four sides. Enjoy with this great work of the director Csaba Bardos for the short film category.

And we said goodbye until next Monday, when we'll have prepared a very large billboard with award-winning international animation works, that you could enjoy in Animacam 2011.

Happy weekend to everybody!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Special premiere of the Balieri Studio's animation creations in Animacam 2011

Today we are pleased to present 6 animated works of Balieri Studio's friends, through which we will review the animated career of these renowned friends.

Without further ado, we let's start with the presentations: And to begin chronologically we are pleased to present the short animation film of the director Renato Roldán Ramis: "La semilla del recuerdo". A great animated work that talks about remembering loved ones that have gone.

Following in the retrospective category, we present another twist on the hugely popular series "Lost". If you're a fan of "Lost" can not miss "Lost, the lost charpter".

Going on with the great creativity that friends Balieri Studio have, we are pleased to present "Nono y la luna". A fantastic project with a great technical quality and colorful that will leave you with a very sweet taste.

And so we enter into the multimedia category and shortfilm to present three works on project, that are seeking funding to further develop the great talent of these artists.

With "Kutxu!" they show a lively and intimate proposal, with a clear focus on younger audiences, that we wish to see transformed into a series soon, knowing that it will surely have a guaranteed success.

The suggestive side comes with the project "Lorna 2.0". A futuristic thriller full of suggestive shapes and a lot of action, which comes together in a melting pot of technical quality to give to this creation a very interesting and lively claim.

And finally, we present in the short film category the creation "Once upon a Love". A hilarious love story full of humor, which clearly reflects the great creativity that Renato Roldán and the friends of Balieri Studio have. We hope that the adventure will continue on the mobile phone.

And with these creation we say goodbye for now. But before we would like to remind you about the final match of the vote in Animacam: there are only two weeks left and you can still send your films

We are waiting for you!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Eight major releases of the best international animation at Animacam 2011

The final duel of votings in Animacam is near, and we're still receiving plenty of films coming from all regions of the world. Remember that you are still in time to participate in the more lively festival; upload to the web or send your movie by mail to: and you could win 600 euros. Cheer up and participate.

So now let's have a look to today's presentations. And who better to begin than the renowned Czech animator Pavel Soukup, that presents to the official section three very interesting creations.

For the retrospective category, we are pleased to present "Tumorrows Never Knows". A work full of plasticity that complements a refined technique and a high quality, to present one of the works that has achieved more recognitions in 2011.

And in the same category, it is accompanied by the award winning "Feeders", a great animated short film that has garnered an immense amount of awards in 2010. Do not miss it!

For the multimedia category, he presents an interesting visual art under the name "Women Type" which invites us to reflect on the values and the tastes of men regarding women.

Going on with the high-quality selection of today at Animacam, we have the great pleasure to present three works produced by the Superior School of Art ESDIP. Through them, students of this recognized school delight us with their talent offering three amazing animated shorts films.

By the hand of director Rouzbeh Soljouh, the creation "Humo" is presented as a graphic metaphor that goes beyond the negative consequences of smoking. It also addresses the ecological impact of pollution generated by our lifestyle.

César Fdez Desmond presents us "El árbol Umdoni". A story that takes place in the heart of South Africa, where Mbali Nandi and her daughter live alone while working hard in fields; but one day their routine is broken by something that will change their lifes forever.

Through "Yaku", Nacho Pesquera and Nacho Subirats get us into into the story of Yaku, a special child. One day someone takes away his illusion, but when he thinks he has lost everything, a stranger brings him to have a magical journey.

If tender stories is what we are talking about, today we are pleased to present one of the most significant creations of the Lithuanian animation of all time. "Brother Bebe", of the great director Rasa Joni, will shine in the retrospective category with a story full of tenderness and ideals that will delight the young audience.

To conclude the more lively presentations, the most animated touch comes from Argentina by the hand of the music band Bela Lugosi, with its smash hit "Mondongo Reggae". An animation offered by the directors Damián Planas and Nicolás Alcetegaray . A great job, friends.

And with all these we say goodbye until Wednesday, when we will offer you the great Animated creations of Studio Balieri's friends. You cannot lose their talent.

Animated greetings and very happy week!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Max Hattler and Pooja Pottenkulam are the proper names of the week at Animacam 2011

If on Wednesday the animations of the Indian origin director Pooja Pottenkulam were the ones that were shining at Animacam billboard in the retrospective category, this Friday we have the great pleasure to present the creations of the prestigious and renowned director Max Hattler, which will show the high quality works that have led him to win and triumph in several festivals and major open events around the world.

And in strict chronological order we will present you the five animations that we have recived from Pooja Pottenkulam to entertain us; this exceptional indian origin entertainer, as always, related to the television channel MTV.

"Killing time", shows us an exceptional creation that uses the technique of clay and in which some children, while waiting for his father, believe they see a kidnapper. A superb work produced in India.

With "Nap" he shows us a story of a mother and her son, filled with a unique magic that gives to the animation a special charisma.

Using the technique Cut Out, Pooja creates the imaginative story of two children that takes place in a singual fishbowl under the title of "Walking on water with fish in it".

And to complete his contributions, we present two MTV channel ID filler titled "Girl with Rabbit" and "Traffic".

Remember that you can enjoy these fantastic animations in the retrospective category of Animacam 2011.

And in today's releases, as we had advanced, the name of the great experimental director Max Hattler shines with three fantastic animations that are in the retrospective and the multimedia category. And these reflect clearly the great quality that has catapulted this director to succeed in festivals and open events around the world.

As proof of this we present "Jovanotti: L´ Ombelico del mondo", a visual show created and produced by Max and Jovanotti that gathers thousands of spectators, and provides with higher quality the work of the italian musician.

With "Collision" he has created an abstract political film, which through American and Islamic patterns and using the colors and geometry of flags, gets us into an interesting field for reflection.

And to end with Max's contributions, and in the multimedia category, you can enjoy the promopresentation of Vienna Independent Shorts Fetival 2011.

A great Max's work that serves us to say goodbye until next Monday, when we'll be waitting for you with great creation of acclaimed world's directors of the international animation.

Happy weekend to all!

Monday, November 7, 2011

New week and new releases from France, Serbia and Argentina at Animacam 2011

To start the week we present the latest contributions of Supinfocom 2010, which will shine in the short film category with a more than remarkable creation that comes from Serbia and a "promo-presentation" that comes from Argentina, for the multimedia category.

We are close to reach the final date for films receipt, reminding you that it will take place on November 30th, and Animacam 2011 is pleased to present six major international animation creations on the most animated billboard.

To say goodbye to the Animation School Supimfocom's contributions, we have the great pleasure to present:

"The Make Over", which is a very elaborated work of animation that reflects the high quality of Supinfocom students’ creations. This animated film shows, through a current story, a great tribute to some of the most important films of Disney.

The Freaks comes to town: ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, come and enjoy "Tous des Monstres", a brilliant 3D animation film that exudes quality on all four sides.

The most amusing side, fitted in turn by the high quality of this Monday's releases, comes with the creation "Vie d'enfer", in which a little devil escapes from hell to conquer the kingdom of heaven.

And to put the finishing touch to the Supinfocom participation in Animacam, we are delighted to present "8-bits", a great quality creation that shows us a tribute to the most elaborated video game's world of the 90. A great work that you cannot miss.

Thank you very much to the Supinfocom's friends for these contributions and also thank you very much to the Premium Film's friends for betting on Animacam in the promotion of best animated films of the most prestigious French schools of the genre. See you in Animacam V, and receive our best wishes!

And after a farewell, we have a new presentation that comes from Serbia for the short film category; we are pleased to present the great creation of the director Vid Rajin, "CINEmataclysm". It tells us the story of a film projection that went terribly wrong, although the audience seemed to be delighted with it. Do not miss this end of studies project that clearly shows us the high quality that holds this Serbian director.

And to end with the presentations, from Argentina and for the multimedia category, it comes this promo-presentation of the Animation Festival of Cordoba, Anima, by the hand of Juan Manuel Costa. Thank you very much for the contribution and many greetings to Juan Manuel and to comrades of Anima.

And that's all for today friends. Remember that you are still in time to send your animations and participate in the official section of Animacam. We will also be waiting for you next Wednesday with more animations and new surprises in Animacam 2011.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Great week of the Animacam animation with various international proposals that you can enjoy at the most animated billboard.

 Seven new animations that bind to the last Wednesday's premieres to form a more attractive range of possibilities for all audiences in the more lively festival.

The Supinfocom 2010 proposal in short film is joined with a more than attractive multimedia offer to entertain all audiences with an amazing time through the best international animation 2010 and 2011.

And as usual, the presentations will begin with the Supinfocom 2010 creations.
The most natural proposal comes with the creation "D'una rare crudite", which shows us the life of a colorful garden under the expressiveness of a very interesting animation.

Praising a refined 3D technique, "Fly me Out" takes us into a tender story of two children in search of freedom, in search of an escape, looking for fly.

The most terrifying touch comes with "Hambuster". Is this another zombie movie? No, it isn't. You will find the best atmosphere, with a "Resident Evil" style, in this charming animated story that will not let you indifferent.

For the little ones, we have bet for "Hezarfen", where several Supinfocom students show us a funny story in a bazaar, with pronounced reminiscences of the Disney Aladdin. A great work, friends!

A brilliant and extremely colorful touch comes with "Matatoro", an epic appeal to taurine culture full of magical poetry, in one of the most colorful works of the fourth edition of Animacam. With hints of Picasso and Dali, for no reason you must miss this very great contribution of Supinfocom students.

With "Maximall" we are shown a film filled with intrigue, characterized by a great atmosphere and refined technique in which a young tries to get away from a department store while is attacked by any object that lives there. Do not miss this moment full of excitement with this great short film.

One of the funniest and most dynamic Animacam adventures comes under the title "Meet Buck", an amazing and exciting persecution by the father of a bride in search of his hunting trophy.

Get into a unique slimming clinic to experience the know the love of two lovers with "Slim Time", a thought-provoking animation film.

Supinfocom also presents two art visual creations for the media category that will show you the high quality that holds this prestigious animation school. If a picture is worth a thousand words, come and see these great deals: "Split" and "Telegraphics"

To continue with the multimedia offer, besides Supinfocom, we have the great pleasure to introduce you four major contributions:

From Russia, Marina Moshkova entertains us with "Duality", a real mix Stopmotion of 2D image, which shows us the internal struggle of the two parts of a being. Do not miss this great contribution that we get from Marina.

From Spain, a refined visual beauty, accompanied by a very great musical setting, we have a video of Eila Pérez Vázquez and Clara Pisón López, who lead us into this carefully prepared and studied art video production, "Heterotopías". Congratulations for this work, friends.

A new musical clip comes from Holland by the hand of Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins and Marieke Blaauw, who staged the theme "Born with Bothered Mind" of the prestigious group Happy Camper.

And from Spain, for all audiences, the story of Skynet's latest innovation: "T-1200". An amazing 3D work of our friend Hicham Bouzahzah, which surely will make you have a great time.

And that's all for this week friends. On Monday we'll show you new premieres from all over the world in the most lively festival.

Happy weekend!