Monday, May 31, 2010

Last Time in Clerkenwell

The Russian Alex Budovskiy presents the second part of Bathtime in Clerkenwell: Last Time in Clerkenwell, a funny flash animation that tells the outcome of the first part, in which the Revolution of the cuckoos are seated and have completely taken London.

Film shows what happened to the Royal Legion of birds from the animation "Bathtime in Clerkenwell" (2002) after they took over London and came to power. The Bird Empire expands beyond the Earth boundaries and falls under unexpected circumstances

Friday, May 28, 2010

The elephant

Milena Klebanov presents a beautiful and interesting history: The elephant. An animation that involves a curious moral that everybody should learn: "If you have a different look from the others, don't feel ashamed".

This animation, from 2006, is a innovative artistic experience to tell us a nice story as a fable, featuring an elephant with lots of friends of different species.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thrusday + Releases = Animacam!

Again, this Thursday we release five new animations in the Official Section of Animacam Festival. Already more than 60 animations are available on the website. This time, the stories focuses on drama, melancholy and nostalgy but also having a touch of spice and lots of music!

Milena Klebanov presents a beautiful and interesting history: The elephant. An animation that involves a curious lesson that we should all learn: "If you have a different look of the other, feel no shame." From Israeli animation, we went to this sweet film about a girl adventure in which she discovers the world within a leaf. Under the title Lebensader, the animator Angela Steffen, uses the traditional 2D technique mixed with colorful backgrounds. Joaquin Carrasquilla participates again with an animation created for a TV show called En 13 a ganar!

The Russian Alex Budovskiy presents the second part of Bathtime in Clerkenwell: Last Time in Clerkenwell, a funny flash animation that tells the outcome of the first part, in which the Revolution of the cuckoos are seated and have completely taken London. Finally, Elliot Cowan from Australia, shows a story about obsession, paranoia and hot tea: The thing in the distance.

The clock of Audiencia Square strikes one o'clock

The clock of Audiencia Square strikes one o'clock is a short film created for the X International Short Film Competition of Soria organized by La Boca del Lobo traveling Festival. This is a fictional documentary about the history of the clock that presides over the square of the city of Soria. Antonio Machado and Marco Polo are, among others, the protagonists of this unique history.

PDA (Little Animated Doodles) continues its involvement in Animacam, presenting a new animation work, this time by 12 children from Soria between 9 and 12 years of age. This project made and developed with the Cervantes Institute, the association aims to showcase the beauty and innocence with which a child might think, to draw, trace and portray a story.

Production: PDA

Duration: 3'34''approx.

Natalia Pascual (9 years), Miguel Robledo Arabela (9 years), César García Borque (12 years), Lucia Supper (9 years), David Carramiñana Jimenez (12 years), Gala Castro (12), Mary Berzosa (12 years), Angela Lorenzo Garcia (12), Alberto del Rio (12), Iago Tarazona Calvo (12), Stephania Barcacel Cueto (10 years), Iñigo Lainez (10 years), Jara Baena (12)

Special Greetings to: Vermin Javier, Rafael San Millán, Ramiro, Ana García

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Animacam Showreel 2010

Bathtime in Clerkenwell

The Great Revolution of the British Cuckoos, who bravely took over London, forcing all the people to move inside the cuckoo clocks.

Alex Budovskiy presents one of his first animation films titled Bathtime in Clerkenwell. Born in 1975 in St. Petersburg, this Russian animator has an extensive experience in the field of animation, in flash (as it's this case), and 2D and 3D, Bathtime in Clerkenwell is the prequel to the animation Lastime in Clerkenwell cuckoos in which London and start taking his government tyranny.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Animating the Way of Saint James and Fighting Adversity

The Spanish Murcian Association of Parkinson Affected on Young Age (EPIT) conducted a new project this Jacobean Holy Year through which its members realized the Way of Saint James on foot and using bus support.

The pilgrims began their journey to Compostela through the French Way from Burgos the 5th of April and ending on the 11th of same month (International Parkinson's Day). The participants, during their extraordinary initiative, have created a video of the experience and they collaborate in Animacam Festival showing it.

Thus, Animacam is aimed to animate the Way of Saint James through its Parallel Section designed to pilgrims and visitors who make the pilgrimage to Compostela such is the case of EPIT. The Association has shared with visitors of the site, the experience of their pilgrimage to Santiago, by posting several videos to Animacam, availables at the Parallel Section in the homepage.

The Murcian Organization was created to work, help and serve those who had been touched by Parkinson's disease, mainly in the relatively early ages. EPIT focuses its work on information, guidance, counseling and psychological support to those affected by Parkinson at Early Start.

Besides this exciting and new proposal, EPIT organizes conferences and meetings related with the disease, having already held three editions, and complements these acts facing events and meetings with other partnerships.
In the context of additional difficulties of the disease, the appearance of EPIT comes after finding the lack of specific organizations and associations of Youth for Early Parkinson, to vindicate what is distinctive between them and the patient's of Parkinson's in old ages.

With this action of the Parallel Section, as well as the Official Section in competition with movies, Animacam transmits its cultural vocation of respect for the diversity of thoughts and cultures, through an experience that brings together hundreds of thousands of Pilgrims, tourists and webusers from around the world.

For more information about

+ 34 988 465 190 / 649 126 630

14 dancing canons by Chimiboga Show-reel. 14 dancing canons.

The Argentinian Ayar Blasco presents different flash animations realized in 2009 to create the new Chimiboga show-reel. Among the canons that shows, we find the particular history of Bugs Bony: the rabbit drama and the satire of classic Disney characters as Pluto and Mickey Mouse. Other stories like Tea, The Bank and Terapy Group of Doctor Burcay and The whole truth about smoking marijuana in parks complete this funny animation Chimiboga summary of the work of last year.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The tale of Litlle Puppetboy

Puppetboy is sweating floods of clay, preparing for a lady's visit. He gets even more nervous when she arrives.

Johannes Nyholm
took part again in Animacam, after introducing his work Dreams of the Woods, a puppet theater, presents The Little Tale of the Puppetboy, a story in plasticine, focused on Puppetboy upset by waiting for a visit. When the visitor arrives, Puppetboy hasn't got so much time to tidy his house, and he 's too nervous to show that he's a good anfitrion.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Animacam Friday releases!

Again, on Friday as the end of the workweek, Animacam presents five new animation releases, so we will have the opportunity to enjoy and have some fun at the weekend. This week's featured a mixture of animation techniques, the different lines of argument followed by the creators, the peculiarities and special animations from different countries and highlight the participation of a Latin commercial from more than 25 years ago and a new animation by PDA (Little Cartoon Doodles) created by a group of Spanish children from Soria.

Johannes Nyholm took part again in Animacam, after introducing his work Dreams of the Woods, a puppet theater, presents The Little Tale of the Puppetboy, a story in plasticine, focused on Puppetboy upset by waiting for a visit. Ayar Blasco from Argentina returns with 14 guns Chimiboga danceable, small comic tales made in flash. Also in Latin America, comes a new commercial by Joaquin Carrasquilla, where a clay animated King Kong presents a fresh drink. This animation date of 1984 and comes from Panama.

Alex Budovskiy releases in Animacam Bathtime in Clerkenwell, a story in flash, which brings us the Great Revolution of the British cuckoo birds, tired of following orders slackers decide to take London. And finally, comes a new animation from PDA (Little Cartoon Doodles) created by 12 children between 9 and 12 years from Soria titled El reloj de la audiencia da la una: a documentary on the history of the clock that presides over the square most of the city of Soria.

Peace for the world

Joaquin is having a wild dream, which begins with George Bush as the pigeon of the peace and the familiar response to a "possible" attack or danger.

Joaquin Carrasquilla participates again in Animacam with this funny animation about how George Bush Jr. become a bird peace and try the solve his conflicts, mixing real image with clay animation.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nine reasons to not ride the bus in Hungary

Welcome to Budapest and use our public transport! Enjoy the tour!

Tamás Patrovics from Hungary presents us this funny and illustrative animation in which a man from Budapest is trying to catch with awful consecuences. One, two, three, and finally... Nine reasons to not ride the bus in Hungary

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Pavilolos in Valencian parties: las Fallas

The pavilolos making mischief again, this time in Valencian Fallas Fiesta.

Paco Ortiz took part
again in Animacam after presenting animation works in previous editions as Resilience, and the four previous volumes of Los Pavilolos: a trio of funny, happy and talkative bird looking for fun, always at the expense of picking on one of the birds . This quirky comedy produced in traditional 2D, uses a variety of background styles to recreate the most comical situations.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In chase of

A funny hobo, who one day finds out that he is being followed by death on the street. After trying to unsuccessfully escape, he is being blocked by death in dead end street. But luckily for him, death actually is being following not the hobo, but the bug hobo carries on his hair.

Hayk Sahakyants from Armenia presents us this funny 3D animation adventure about a hobo who is looking for godd rubbish and trying to survive. His runaway is unsuccefull, because you cannot escape from the Death. Produced by Robert and David Sahakyants, have presented the first Armenian animation in Animacam three editions.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spanish and Jordanian children participate together in Animacam with a cartoon short film

Eighteen children aged between six and twelve, of Spanish and Jordan origin, with the partnership of PDA (Pequeños Dibujos Animados-Small Cartoons) and the collaboration of the Cervantes Institute, has made an animated short film in its center of Amman (Jordan) in just five days.

The short film titled "My friend Amyad" has a duration of eight minutes and is based on the real life of two Bedouins living in the desert of Wadi Rum. The team of eighteen kids (nine Spanish and nine Jordanians), who made the drawings, the backgrounds and the conception of the idea of the work in a week, was coordinated by PDA (Pequeños Dibujos Animados-Small Cartoons), an association of audiovisual artists which made animated short film projects in collaboration with early childhood. With the use of an educational methodology, they are trying to teach and explain the process of creating animated audiovisual projects.

In addition to this work, the association has raised a tour of animations developed in different parts of Spain and around the world, including Madrid, Zlin (Czech Republic), Rome, Oran (Algeria). PDA team is participated by Mario Torrecillas (director), Tyto Alba (artist and animator), David Borrull (animation director) and Pablo Hernandez (visual arts expert), four animation professionals who have joined forces to develop this pioneering project in the introduction to the learning of audiovisual creation.

Animacam has selected this animation for competition in the Short Film category of the Official Selection, and with this job, the Festival already have in this newly released 3rd edition, 70 movies from 27 countries, four months before the voting time. This is a clear example of how Limaia Produccións (production company, organizer of, based in a little village of Spain called Sandiás) wants to be a meeting point between cartoon creators and web users from around the world, such as it is the Way of Saint James for the humanity.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The trip to the imagination of a cartoonist

It's the travel through the imagination, of a cartoonist, we enter to the world of his drawings, this it's a surreal trip everyone will enjoy.

The cartoonist is a the most retrospective work (one of the most ancient submitted to Animacam) that comes from the hand of Joaquin Carrasquilla from Panama. This experimented animator works at different areas of animation: multimedia videos, adverts, TV-pilots and short films aswell... This animation work has more than twenty years aged: it's from 1986.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dreams from the woods

One day the Girl leaves her friend Big Bird to seek adventure in the wide world. But lured by the beautiful music of Death's flute, she gets lost in the deep forest. A shadow-puppet play about love and sorrow.

The Swedish animator Johannes Nyholm presents us this sweet and yet frightening story of puppets that features a little girl eager to discover a new world. This creative animation (Johannes often use stop-motion and clay animation for his works) was presented in numerous festivals such as The Directors' Fortnight in Cannes, Guldbagge Festival, the Slovenian International Festival or the Indian Animation Festival among others and awarded in the Brazilian Janela Festival.

The meaning of life

This movie was created during the animation workshop with Phil Mulloy in Sofia Bulgaria 2008. The movie tells an abstract story for the meaning of life and all the things around us.

A rapid-fire sequence of symbols with socially-prescribed meaning to a disjointed soundtrack. Meaning is an experimental short film by Borislava Zahova.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Monstera deliciosa

A lamplighter is fascinated by the appearance of a strange alluring woman in a greenhouse full of gigantic tropical plants.

The fantasy of the students of the French
animation school Gobelins returns to Animacam with this beautiful and strange story: Monstera deliciosa. Directed by Jeremy Macedo, Julien Perron, Rémi Prioul and Ornélie Salmon, again using the traditional technique 2D animation to recreate dramatic and colorful environments.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Super 8 Film Fighter

The film pays homage to Dziga Vertov. An incredible battle between a Super 8 and a digital camcoder.

Juan Carlos Ballesteros and Stefano Nicoli run this very well done stop-motion in which the archaic and obsolete audiovisual material fight against new tools and machinery to survive.
Lights, cameras and especially ... action! Super 8 Film Fighter

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday is releasing day!

From now on, Animacam will feature their new releases every week on Thursday. After enjoying a full week with five movies in which different records were contemplated from all parts of the globe; today, we want to make a present for you with five release: five works in 2D animation, stop-motion and puppet animation; sad and happy stories for make your weekend the most enjoyable.

From Spain, Stefano Nicole presents a stop-motion fight in the most curious circunstances: Super 8 Film Fighter, Super 8 camera facing a trenchant enemy: the video camera. The French animation school Gobelins, features us Monstera Delicious, a film by Jeremy Macedo, Julien Perron, Rémi Ornélie Prioul & Salmon, about the fascination of a man with a strange woman.
The cartoonist
is a the most retrospective work (one of the most ancient submitted to Animacam) that comes from the hand of Joaquin Carrasquilla from Panama. Animation from 1986, tells the story about the journey through the mind of a cartoonist. The Swedish Johannes Nyholm presents us
Dreams us from the Woods, a puppet play of shadows on the love and pain presented to the Directors' Fortnight in Cannes. Finally, the Bulgarian animator Borislava Zahova presents us Meaning, a rapid-fire sequence of symbols with meaning socially prescribed for a disjointed soundtrack.

Let's discover our bodies!

Zhivko Dimitrov from United Kingdom presents us an exciting adventure in experimental technique where the human body is the starring.

Inspired by phenomenology and the role of the human body in shaping perceptions of reality, BODY follows the journey of a fictional character in search for answers to the grand questions of life, the universe, and everything. The character sets off on a voyage through space in a fantasy world made up of organic, body matter. Under the eye stars, through the finger corals and in between the lip raindrops he discovers a reality constructed from the human body. Just when his journey takes him to the heart of the world, where the laws and regularities governing the mechanics of the fantasy reality become apparent, he wakes up in his real world that is a diametrical opposite – instead of a reality made up of bodies, he encounters bodies made up of inanimate objects. Unable to relate to these urban creatures, the character escapes back to nature, where a mysterious woman could be holding the key to the coveted answers, uniting his journey through reality to his journey to himself.

The money tree

A man receives a package in front of his home. The ticket tells that there is a plant inside wich grows money up. And it's definetly true!

Oihergi Estornes Rivera
presents his "opera prima" debuting with traditional 2D using the Toon Boom and Premiere softwares to create a story based on one of the most common deadly sins: greed.
An old man receives a package from a messenger expected to grow money from a plant. It's not all gold what is glitting and greed breaks the sack ... Sample the wisdom of proverbs is The money tree

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Two lovers are watching a film on TV. He doesn't know the argument and doesn't understand what's going on.

New Argentinian comedy by Ayar Blasco from Chimiboga Productions. A horror film on television, a dinner and a girlfriend shoutting to her boyfriend because he is disturbing her. This flash animation is one of several works created by Chimiboga, always with a satire and a very typical Argentinian humour. Hopefully the boy does not have ... Nightmares

Saga of Raakvil

The creative group «GunArt Film Studio» continues work on creation of a science-fiction serial «Space Saga - Saga of Raakvils».

The original plot of the Project is based on G.Miksitisa's author's concept «the SAGA for Raakvil» in which the place of a terrestrial civilization in the general process of movement of Reason in time and space, and as problems of relations of mankind with other forms of a life is considered. Against intergalactic flight, relations of the person and "stranger", their displays of feelings are analyzed. In a film concentrated it is offered to estimate loyalty of the public against conceiving differently, so, against "strangers".

Monday, May 3, 2010

Un tour de manege

A magic merry-go-round takes a little girl on the ocean voyage of a lifetime.

The French school Gobelins continues to present animations of their students in Animacam, using the network as a mechanism to promote the work of new talent. This Friday it's time for A tour de manege by Nicolas manege Athan, CHEVILLARD Brice, Alexis LIDDELL, Françoise Losito and Mother NGUYEN.