Monday, October 31, 2011

The best 2010 selection of the "Superior School of Animation and Computer Graphics", Supinfocom, at Animacam Fourth Edition

To conclude the month, Animacam’ 2011 is pleased to present the proposal made by Supinfocom’ 2010. Throughout the week, we will premiere a total of 100 creations of this prestigious Superior School of Animation for the short film category, which will be accompanied by other major international works in the multimedia and retrospective category.

To start the week, and being this the last day of the month, the Supinfocom becomes the protagonist with the release of five animated short films that will be accompanied on the multimedia and retrospective category by the renowned and high-qualified creations of the international animation scene.

To begin the Monday's presentations, we couldn't do it better than talking about the work named "Akaffa". This is a very elaborated acrylic and 3D animation that tells us the shadowy tale of the coffee.

In the same category, and competing for a 600 euro-prize, it will be accompanied by "Aleksandr", an amusing story that takes place in heaven.

With a touch of dynamism and entertainment at the same time, the Animacam billboard gets coloured by presenting "Botanica Liberta", an exciting adventure of a carnivorous plant, a cactus and a tree that get away from a botanical garden in search for freedom.

With "Branque Brol Tambour", we get into the awareness of taking advantage of the natural resources, waste and solid refuse.

And to finalize with the Supinfocom today's presentations, we offer you "Chernokids", a work which tells us the murky and gloomy adventure of several odd children in an apocalyptic nuclear future.

In the multimedia category, we present the work of the renowned entertainer Caroline Attia, who with her incredible colored and styled design, has made a great music clip for the well-known American singer-songwriter, Jim Bianco, under the name of "Elevator Operator" .

And for the retrospective category, we have the great pleasure to offer you the award-winning work of the renowned North-American animator Lucas Martell, who with "Pigeon Impossible" shows us an amazing and well-worked adventure about a very peculiar secret agent. Do not miss the great technical quality and the detailed script of this prestigious internationally recognized work.

And ... that's all for today friends. Remember that next Wednesday you can enjoy of the new Supinfocom's releases at Animacam. Furthermore, these will be accompanied by major international animation works that we'll be preparing to show you with lots of pleasure.

Happy week friends!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

The best animated films of the Basque cinemateque at Animacam 2011

As every year, and by the hand of the Basque Culture Department and the "Eskadiko Filmategia" - Basque film archive-, the festival is pleased to show on its billboard new outbreaks belonging to the best creations of Basque short film. 

New names and old acquaintances from the Basque animated world that tell their stories, their feelings and their desires through these beautiful art forms.

Now it is the time for these three short stories in terms of time, but large, very large in content; creations that we want you to enjoy as much as the Animacam team has done.

"Amár" tells the story of Ines's journey to India, where she visits a friend who has been living confined in a mental hospital for years, and who gives the name to the film. During the trip, Inés remembers the last few days they spent together and her promise to return. 

"Ámár" is a little gem created by the director Isabel Hergera, who after having spent several years working for major American studies, comes back to her native city San Sebastian, from where she directs the International Animation Film Festival of Catalonia, ANIMAC, as well as travelling frequently to India to teach Animation. Of course, she is always accompanied by her travel notebook in which she describes the social reality of these places.

"Daisy Cutter" tells the story of a 10-years-old girl, Zaira, who as many other children of her age, lives an unfair war. Despite of this, she describes the conflict from her tender and innocent perspective; Zaira collects margaritas to her missing friend every day, as not to forget or lose him ... This film has been performed and directed by: 

Enrique Garcia, who with his opera prima, "Perpetum Mobile"  won more than twenty international awards, as well as a Goya nomination and an Oscar candidacy. 

The co-founder of the Silverspace producer, Ruben Salazar, accompanies him on the direction managment, being the responsible for the executive production duties as well as the postproduction.

"Ondar Ahoak" is a documentary short film that you can enjoy at the multimedia category. It talks about the tuna lives, who spend large months hibernating after an active feeding stage in the Cantabrian Sea. Each year, this station is recorded in the form of rings, leaving opaque areas due to the absence of food.

This short film has won the award for best experimental short at the Animation Festival of San Diego, USA, and comes from the hand of Ángel Aldarondo, orchestra man of this audivisual. As The Perfume's protagonist, Ángel is born surrounded by fish and, consequently, he can't test this food until he reaches his sixteenth. So this book pays tribute to the sea work, very rooted in his native city San Sebastian, as well as in other Basque towns.

We wish you'll enjoy the great proposal that we have presented. Don't forget to follow us next Monday, when the best French animation will shine again.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A new premiere of five important films of the best international animation.

New releases on the Animacam Billboard that will delight all audiences in the most animated Festival.

Today, we have the great pleasure of showing you five new releases for a very special Wednesday. Great reencounters and new welcomes, will serve to put the animated touch at the International Animated Festival.

And if about great reencounters is what we are talking about, it is a pleasure to welcome you to our dear friend Ivan Maximov, that year after year delights us with great animations of international renown. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, from Russia and by courtesy of the great Ivan Maximov, come and enjoy "Tides to and fro".

To give a more adult touch, but at the same time very, very amusing we present the creation "No Da", which comes from Chile by the courtesy of director Pablo Alibaud and tells us about the dangers of love in old age. The laughs are assured friends!

Meanwhile, today and after the great success the series of  Leo Ka has had on the festival, we have the great pleasure to present a special edition of "Casino flotante", so you can enjoy once more of the secret agent John Bardo adventures, without cuts or interruptions.

In the retrospective category arrives from Italy the work of Julia Gromskaya "l'anima mavi", a film full of chromaticism that is related to the dreams' crossroads and the encounter with the pure and clear soul. A beautiful animation that will fill you with feelings.

And for the adult audience, also in the retrospective category, on the Animacam billboard shines the amusing French creation "Happy Hour", directed by Maxime Paccalet and that tells us a fun adventure in a coffee. Do not miss it.

And this is how the Animacam presentation ends today. But before we would like to offer you a preview of the next Friday premieres, that will be headlined by the best of the Basque Film Archive, as well as a tribute to a very special director.

Animated greetings, friends!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Great animation works from Argentinia, Romania and Germany shine at the Animacam billboard 2011

To begin the week, the Animacam Festival has the immense pleasure to introduce you great international animation works of animation that will compete for prizes in their respective categories in the fourth edition of the festival.

From Argentina, for the short film category and by the hand of the young directors Daniel Jervis, Javier Inga and Ricardo Jurado, comes an elaborated and hilarious animated short film that will change all the classical mythology theories. Do not miss this very interesting creation, "Mitologia" that will make you have a while of a lot of fun.

This category will be accompanied by a very interesting piece of animation that comes from Romania by courtesy of Cristina Zoica Dumitru, "It´s a living". A fun proposal that will put us in the shoes of a chary thief who might not be as deft as we thought. Find out what this work offers to us.

In the retrospect category, the prestigious creator Jessica Cheeseman, gives us three small works that show an interesting proposal from the Germano-Polish school of animation. From London we do get "Point of View", "A brilliant idea" and "What's he Got?". To be enjoyed.

Finally, also in the retrospect category, we have a very elaborated proposal that comes from Trexel Studio's friends, Argentina. Under the direction of Pablo Alberto Díaz, we have the great pleasure to introduce you 
"Copia A", an animated fun approach that will make you enjoy the best of Argentine Animation.

And so we closed a new Monday, reminding you that next Wednesday you can enjoy new releases on the animated Billboard.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Animacam offers you great international animated classics for a very special weekend.

The week is finishing and Animacam offers you a very animated proposal for these days. From Taiwan, Russia, Norway and Argentina we get several interesting international animation classic that will make you enjoy.

To start the presentations, and as about classics we are speaking, the retrospective category dresses up with to host major international animation works.

From Taiwan comes the creation "Roue", a proposal of the prestigious animator Wu Taili, who shows us a self-portrait using fragments of her dreams, childhood memories and emotions. A work of great beauty and refined technique that will make you enjoy an unforgettable time.

The Scandinavian mythology is showed in all its essence by the courtesy of Tuva Synnevag, who with her creation "Sáiva", tells us a beautiful story about Sami culture personified with the searching of a woman of her dead lover. A beautiful animation that you must not miss.

With a tender and a very graphic touch, from Russia arrives Olga Kudryavtseva with her creation"Pro Ptitsu" that tells us the tender story of a bird's dream that may not be fulfilled as he hopes. A wonderful animated short film that will delight young and old.

To get into the short film category, and if we talk about classic and birds, what would be better than talk about our good friend Ileana Andrea Gomez Gavinoser, who is entertaining us once more with a tender, poetic and thought-provoking story of a bird with an ode to freedom. Thanks again Lleana for showing such substantial stories dyed of magical poetry.

And finally ... It has arrived what you were waiting for ... the outcome of the great adventure of Juan Bardo. Thanks to  Leo Ka, the adventures of the most famous secret agent of Argentina in the "Casino Flotante" come to an end. Will John get his goal?. Do not miss the phenomenal outcome of this adventure while looking forward to get many more. Thank you very much for the contribution dear friend Leonel.

We wish you enjoy the weekend: from the Animacam team we give you our best wishes. We want to remind you that next Monday you'll have a new appointment with the best of the animation world in the more lively billboard.

Happy weekend to all !!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The great week of international animation goes one with the premiere of five high-qualified creations on the animated billboard

It's a great pleasure to introduce the five works that are released today on the Animacam billboard and that will compete for the different awards in their respective categories.

Four major animated films and a happy reunion at the multimedia category, will be the stars of this animated Wednesday at Animacam 2011.

Begining with the presentations, today we have the great pleasure to present a work that has caused and is still causing a sensation in several international festivals, as well as specialized social networks. From Denmark, courtesy of Henrik Malmgren, arrives "The Guest", a dynamic social drama that will awake our most tender and thoughtful side, and that comes with the irrefutable endorsement of the success achieved at the festival Siggraph in Los Angeles, considered by many as the most important event of the 3D animation over the world.

The short film category presents a great creation of the Spanish director Gerardo de la Fuente, who launches his book "El amor era eso". The faultless argument that characterizes this interactive work, has used 3D and live action to show a very interesting proposal that surely will please the most demanding public.

The most sensitive side comes from the hand of Carmen Diaz, who with her creation named "FQ" gets us into the depths of the disease that gives its name to the short film, "Cystic fibrosis". A tribute video that you cannot miss. Thank you very much Carmen for your work.

By the way, the series which doesn't need presentation is "Casino Flotante" of the the Argentine director Leo Ka. Today he launches his third chapter of this series which is on the top. It is a must.

And finally, the Animacam team is filled with happiness presenting once more our well-known creator Inma Carpe. The double winner of the retrospective category at the Animacam Festival 2009 and 2010, entertains us this time with an interesting proposal named "Daddy's girl", an spot that you must do not miss. Welcome home Inma .

We hope you'll enjoy the creations proposed, and there's nothing more left to say that it would be a pleasure if you share with us the new releases that Animacam is preparing for Friday.

Animated greetings!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Five major successes of the international animation open a new week at Animacam Festival

The best of the Argentina animation and a reputable musical contribution arrive by the hand of the nominated directors for the "Gramy" Yuval and Merav Nathan.

To start a new week, today we have the great pleasure to present five of the most highlighted creations of the international animation, that bright on their own in the Animacam billboard.

To start the presentations, we have three works from Argentina created by the animation director with more prestige and international reputation, Juan Pablo Zaramella. He has won more than 50 awards, and arrives at Animacam with three wondeful creations that are required to be watched by all the genre lovers.

"At the opera" is a clay animation, with a great chromatism, ambientation and beauty that plunges us into a soulful evening under the musical setting of the play Opera"Cavalleria Rusticana". A fantastic animation work that has garnered a great success in several international festivals.

Juan Pablo also presents an amazing and very elaborated comedy in the short film category under the name "Hotcorn". A fun and exceptional art idea that shows the quality of the works of this renowned director.

To end the Juan Pablo Zaramella presentation at the 4th edition of Animacam, nothing better than to introduce his award-winning creation "Lapsus". A traditional animation that after having collected multiple awards in five continents, shines with great delicacy in the retrospective category of the festival. Do not miss this extreme visual beauty, with a deep meaning of this classical creator of the argentine animation.

To get into the multimedia category, and by the hand of the great animator Guy Ben Shetrit, we present a very elaborated animated clip directed by Yuval and Merav Nathan, Grammy Award nominees, that entertains us with "lose this child", a creation of one the most successful groups in the Canadian and American Rock scene, Eatliz, whose album "Teasing Nature" is having a great welcome.

And as we promised, today we have the premiere of the second chapter of the animated set "Casino Flotante". A sequence of Leo Ka that comes from Argentina and that takes us into the most famous parody of the Argentine secret agent and that you can enjoy exclusively in the short film category at Animacam festival.

Here you have these great creations to enjoy in all their essence. We also want to remind you to follow the incoming films of the highest level within the International Animation next Wednesday.

We'll be waiting for you!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Five great premieres at Animacam

To end a very moved week, there's nothing better than five great releases at Animacam. Estonia, Argentina and Spain are the ones that offer us these high qualified creations this animated weekend.

To start the presentations, we have the great pleasure to introduce you Andres Tenusaar, Estonia, who brings us two elaborated music animation videos that are defined as follows.

With Sunny Mission, he shows us a very elaborated Stop Motion that tells us a story about a battle on a table. To make this clip, Andres has requiered 25 hours and has used as a unique source of light two candles. This clip has a great musical atmosphere run by the group Hauschka.

With Commitment Strange, Andres takes us into a world of visual poetry represented in decks of cards, which will allow the viewer to awake a feeling of extreme beauty. The powerful background music is provided by the Estonian group Opium Flirt.

Two animations of great beauty and careful preparation that you should watch.

To get into the short film category, it's worth to start the presentations with the animated serie Casino Flotante. From Argentina by Leonel Klanjberg comes this hilarious animated serie that tells the story of the most famous secret agent of Argentina, in his particular adventure styled "Casino Royal". If you want to have a fun time do not fail to watch this first chapter of a total of four, that you can enjoy exclusively at Animacam.

Following this fun side in the short film category, we have the great pleasure to present CAT Reserva a careful work of animation that comes from the hand of the Flores brothers, Fernando and J.B., who have won numerous awards in major animation spanish competitions. We are sure that the Animacam fans will also receive it with a great welcome.

Finally, what have no better way to get into the pure visual poetry than talking about Óscar Cabezas and his short film Petita Vida. This film is based on short philosophical stories acclimated with the music of two ukuleles. A very interesting creation that the Animacam team offers you to open an amazing weekend.

Monday, October 10, 2011

5 new animated films at Animacam 2011

 It starts a new week at Animacam with five interesting premieres in the most animated billboard.

Five engaging animations, having Mexico as a new country on the 2011 Billboard, will be the protagonists of this Monday at Animacam.

To begin with the presentations, we are pleased to present "BOX" from Argentina, an animated short film by Juan Carlos Camardella with the Blender Open Access program, that tell us the fight between a Boxer and his memories. A breathtaking project that shows the qualities of Blender.

In this category it is accompanied by two more than recommended Mexican animated films that come from the hand of Victor Hugo Martínez Izquierdo:

With "Los presagios funestos", he tell us the story of the signals received by the Mexican people before the Spanish conquistadors arrived. An enchanting travel that takes us into the Mexican cultural history essence.

While with "El Mosco" he shows us a mosquito animation frame by frame. This is a Victor Hugo Martínez Izquierdo striking proposal that shows the development and personal application of this animation technique.

V. Hugo also entertains us in the Multimedia category with a tip, like an add, related to "the civic responsibility in raising awareness of not driving drunk". An attractive proposal for the assimilation in this hot and current topic.

In the retrospect category, you can enjoy the animated film "Todos te queremos" a prized proposal of Miguel Chehaibar, that also from Mexico takes us into a story about old age and the dramatic charge of family responsibilities. An advisable animation film, full of feelings.

For this week we would like you to know that we have prepared an extensive selection of films that you could enjoy first at Animacam.

Keep an eye to the billboard!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Animacam presents animation projects of Gobelins School students in 2010

Animacam becomes glamorous to give all his followers the projects of students of the prestigious animation School Gobelins.

And we have no better way to close this special issue of the prestigious French school of Animation Gobelins, that we offer you as a finishing touch the animation creations that end the studies of the students promotion 2010.

An important graphic quality and a remarkable storyline are the features of the five creations that you could enjoy in the short film category, which are summarized as follows:

"Je t'aime" is a very elaborate animation work that takes us into a world of psychological terror, as is typical of the Japanese school, and that will not let you indifferent.

The lighter, spicy and casual side comes with "Jean Luc". A funny animated short film, endowed with great dynamism, with a touch of humor and a tad spicy, that under no circumstances you could possibly missed.

The comic side comes with "Le Royaume", an amusing story that will delight young and old, and that tells the story of a king who will do his utmost to have his castle.

With "Smoke my Christmas", we can live the adventures and misadventures of the imagination of a tramp on Christmas Day. An outstanding work that will guide us for the pleasures denied to a peculiar indigent in a cold winter night.

And to end the short film category, we offeryou a beautiful allegory about war and the consequences that are generated in humans, "Trois Petits Points". A beautiful story with an ending a little bleak.

In addition to this great offer that we want is to your liking, we do not want to close this serie dedicated to the Gobelins School without offer you in the multimedia category three short contributions that identify the traditions and expertise that comes from their classrooms. Enjoy the weekend.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The prestigious Animation School Gobelins presents its films works in Animacam 4th edition

From the hand of the Premium Films' Friends, we get the creations of one of the most important animation academies worldwide. The students of the 2010 promotion from the prestigious French Academy Gobelins present their creations in Animacam, and to celebrate it we've scheduled more than 20 premieres that will be held from today until next Friday. Do not miss it.

Just to start, we offer you five works carefully prepared that you'll enjoy in the short film category.

These films have been made by second year students, in the 2010 school year. These works have been performed exclusively for the festival "d'Annecy 2010" and you can enjoy them at Animacam 4th edition.

"Chaman" shows a representative creation of the festival on the image of a small Chaman.

"Junk Space" guides us through a sports metaphor to the essence of the energy.

With "M. Eustache" you will travel to a classical theater scene endowed with a great comedy that will not leave indifferent any of us.

While with "Red River Bay" you will discover the poetry of forms and the chromaticism in an harmonious synergy.

To end "Soapy Trip" invites us to discover a universe of limitless imagination that will make you travel to the most positive side of each essence.

But that's not all, because the promotion of students from Gobelins 2010, also gives us the five most important multimedia animations of this year, under the name Iko, Omoho, Teeniz, Uti and Yummy, that we have the great pleasure to present they .

And as in this case an image itself is worth a thousand words, we can only invite you to enjoy them one by one, in Animacam 4th edition. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Animation Works from USA and Argentina open October at Animacam.

Interesting selection of animated films to start October at Animacam 2011.Argentina and the United States will give way to a week full of news and Animacam premieres.

From Argentina by the hand of Carlos Montoya we get two television spots as the most representative of advertising in this country, that will compete in the Multimedia category for their respective award.

Through "te hago la pata" is showed a Stopmotion pixelization of a representative and iconographic Spot about a training center.

With "te doy una mano" and using the same technique as the previous spot, Carlos Montoya offers us a continuity of the communication campaign for the Agricultural Training Center No. 4 Aluminé - Neuquén.

For the short film category we have the great pleasure to present "el fantasma", an Argentina creation which also comes from the hand of Carlos Montoya and in which the guys of "El Entretecho" tell us, through a very elaborate clay work, a free adaptation of the story of George Loring Frost, "The believer". You cannot miss it.

As for the retrospective category we present "Aqualibrae" a Chanya Hetayothin creation that is characterized by a careful environment and a high quality narrative. It shows the cycle of life through the relationship between living beings and the original source of life: the ocean.

We hope you'll enjoy the offer and as an advance like an invitation, we'll inform you that on Wednesday the best of French animation schools will shine again in Animacam. Therefore, the most outstanding animation works of the Gobelins school 2010 will be at the Animacam movie listings, with a shown that will start on Wednesday and conclude on Friday.

Don’t miss it!