Friday, April 30, 2010

Five new animation releases!

Again, this Friday are available in Animacam, five new animation works that are released in this Third Edition of the Festival. Animacam confirms its international essence with animations that come from France, Latvia, United Kingdom, Argentina and Spain. New writers from training schools, special effects experts in 3D and flash animators, this last Friday in April.

The French school Gobelins continues to present animations of their students in Animacam, using the network as a mechanism to promote the work of new talent. This Friday it's time for A tour de manege by Nicolas manege Athan, CHEVILLARD Brice, Alexis LIDDELL, Françoise Losito and Mother NGUYEN. The Argentinian Ayar Blasco repeats in Animacam presenting a new work in flash: Pesadillas (nightmares). From Latvia comes Miksitis Gunar, a special effects expert who creates unique landscapes and unimaginable in Saga of Raakvil.
Zhivko Dimitrov, representing the United Kingdom, shows a sci-fi animation in which the human body follows the journey of a fictional character in search of answers to questions from the high life. Finally, the Spanish Oihergi Estornés Rivera, an animator novel, presents his debut in flash: The Money Tree.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Le Lac Géle

Guided by a strange dog, an old man makes a long and exhausting journey to a distant and icy land illuminated by strange lights.

Again, the French animation school Gobelins, dazzle us with a traditional 2D animation, returning to the dream world and featured an illustrious old man as the protagonist. Directed by Jean-David Fabre, Fabien Guillaume, Sébastien Hary, Paul Vincent Nivet and Verniers, Le Lac Gele is another example of the unique ability to have future generations of animators.

Can I love in the toilet, please?

The very usual story of love that happened at the extremely unsuitable place - in the toilet of a railway station.

Konstantin Bronzit, a well-know Russian animator, presents a love story in the most particular place: the toilets of a railway station. Nominated for Oscar for best animated short, this work of 2007 has the title of Lavastory: Lavatory LoveStory. The Russian author is also involved in this third edition of Animacam with his animation At the ends of the Earth. Born in Leningrad in 1965, Konstantin Bronzit is film and animation director, with an unstoppable trend and a high recognition in the European audiovisual landscape.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The adventures of Santa

Santa meets an old friend to share some gifts...

Curious Christmas version and how Santa Claus (a regular visitor of Christmas Night), finds many obstacles that prevent him from reaching the already famous sock hanging from the fireplace to deposit their gifts. Avi Graiver, experienced animator from Israel, uses 2D by computer to illustrate this most peculiar comedy in spring period: Foxy Santa.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Neggy meets Sammy

Once upon a time there was a house by the sea
A big house
A big and strange house
A big, strange and old house
Once upon a time there was a big, strange and old house by the sea

A new Galician animation release in Animacam. A beautiful history of the production company Sr.Mundo and directed by Benjamin Carter. An educational project where a story about brothers will create exciting times for children and parents at a time! A project for everyone, they can share family time.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Animated releasing Friday!

Once again, Animacam releases five new animation works on its website. The International Festival of Animation Online continues to offer animation around the world and establishing a link between global animation cartoon fans and creators, animators and producers of the industry.

This week, a new Galician work arrives in internet: Neggy meets Sammy. There was once a big house, strange and old beyond the sea... A drama that uses different techniques to tell the rawness and the helplessness of a love story. Avi Graiver, from Israel, again took part in Animacam (after passing through the I edition), with an animation in a tone of humor and sarcasm: Foxy Santa. We do not know where he's involved fantasies Santa Claus ...
Again, Argentina continues to be a land full of lively people ... This time, Ayar Blasco presents a Flash animation, a comedy about Rasbernardo Kitty, a true rockstar. The French school Gobelins show us a new introducing animation for Annecy, lots of fantasy and one of the most picturesque character, here comes in Animacam: Le Lac Gele. Finally, the experienced animator Konstantin Bronzit, presents a love story in the most strange place: train station WC. An Oscar nominated work for best animated short, this work of 2003 is titled Lavastory: Lavatory LoveStory.

Cartoons from all around the world to Sandiás and from Sandiás to the world


The Australian Cartoonist, Producer and Director, Damien Pascoe, with animation works such as the video of Australian rocker Tim Rogers, will be working in studies at Sandiás, from June to September, to animate a cartoon short movie of international distribution. This way, the Festival, in this 3rd Edition 2010, gives a giant step, with its now familiar nickname of "walking together to animate the world”, to become, besides of a Festival, in a Launching Pad for International Animation Projects.

Sandiás (Ourense) April 23, 2010 .- The 3rd edition of the International Online Festival "Animating the Way 2010" for artists, cartoon fans and Pilgrims of the Way of Saint James, as well as advertised, has a the triple aim of broadcast animated films from around the world, encouraging artists, producers and training schools to participate showing cartoons, and provide web users creating virtual photo and video library about the Way of Saint James.

"" was born on June 23, 2008 with intercontinental vocation to be a link to encourage and disseminate respect for the diversity of thoughts and cultures.

The first edition of “”, from July to October 2008, was visited by 75,000 web users and ended with the participation in the competition sections of 164 animated films from a total of 33 countries, of which 6 were chosen and awarded with 2000 euros in prize money each by voters from 43 countries.

The Second Edition was visited by more than 168,000 web users. The Official Section of the Festival showed 313 animation works from 61 countries from the five continents and voted registered users from 102 countries. The Parallel Section (The Way) were uploaded 138 videos and 212 pictures from 14 countries about the experiences, stories and adenvures of the pilgrimage to Compostela.

The recently released Third Edition have already available 45 films from 17 countries in the Official Section and in the Parallel Section (The Way), 20 videos.

Limaía Produccións, with its head office in Sandiás (Ourense), organizer of, aims to become a meeting point between cartoon creators and web users from all the world such it is the Way of St. James for pilgrims.

To get more information about “”

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The sadness of a mime

An imaginary world, a perfect shelter, not so far from an inevitable reality...

The Argentinian animator Nahuel Pazos directed and animated this multimedia video that uses a mixed between real image and 2D computer animation. This film produced by Habituario Producciones tries to show the sadness of a mime, when her smile is nearly constant and perennial in her face, but what is happening around her, stars to appear cold tears in her face...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Le ruban

China, in the early sixties: an angry mob is persecuting a rich landowner. Mei, a young woman in the crowd, suddenly recognizes the victim whom she secretly loves. Frightened of revealing her feelings, Mei doesn't know what to do at first.

New 2D animation work of the French school Gobelins, where we show a historical event in China itself the sixth decade of the twentieth century. Directed by Thomas CHAKRA, Michaël Crouzat, Kherveen DABYLALL, Denis and Gabriel THE JOLLY-MONGE, animators continue to deliver great results, creating a very effective and successful esthetic and working in an excellent manner of backgrounds.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stingray Boy!

El Chico Mantarraya (Stingray Boy) is a very special child. One day he discovers that he has very good friends.

Pilar Barbera presents from Uruguay this new stop-motion puppet adventure set in the marine environment. Here lives Stingray Boy, an innocent kid who is always swimming and looking for new experiences ... But it has to be careful, and most unexpected places we can hide the danger ... Fortunately, with the help of his friends, has nothing to fear.

Joli Dragon: always with caution

Educative Spot for the AIDS DAY
Pierre meets Juliet, both like each other and decide to have some fun, but it seems Pierre has some trouble using the condom...will they finally succeed ?

Inma Carpe continues to show her animation works in Animacam. This time, she presents this curious spot for the AIDS Day, a campaign from Valencia in 2003. Produced by Carles Sano animation department, the animator surprises us with the multitude and variety of registers she can work.

Monday, April 19, 2010

At the ends of the Earth

The most common people live at the most uncommon conditions -at the very top of the moutain in the swinning house. It makes their lives
very dangerous, but... they got accustomed to this.

The Russian experienced animator Konstantin Bronzit, presents this work in traditional 2D, in which the adventures and misadventures that lives an old woman field at the top of a peaked hill, as is their daily lives and in embarrassing situations which is involved. Konstantin was born in Leningrad in 1965, won numerous awards at prestigious festivals with his works, while Oscar-nominated once, for best short animation.

Friday, April 16, 2010

We welcome this weekend releasing!

Today, Friday, April 16, we present other new five animation works, that participate in this Third Edition of Animacam. Authors of all ages (beginners and veterans), using different animation techniques in the service of their imagination and powerful storytelling, fresh and unpredictable.

The experimented Russian animator Konstantin Bronzit, shares a traditional 2D animation of 1998: At the ends of the Earth, about the daily life of an elderly woman. The French school Gobelins continues to share with us their
animation works. This week releases Le Ruban, a story about a man captured in China in the sixties. Inma Carpe, winner in the second edition to his work in retrospect, In the winter palace, presents Joli Dragon, a 2D animation created for a spot in the campaign against AIDS. And from South America, we get a curious mix animation with 2D real image by computer: Mimo by Nahuel Pazos as well as the work of the Uruguayan Pilar Barbera, El Chico Mantarraya, about a boy who discovers he has more friends than he has imagined.

Walking to encourage your souls and feel fine

The Association of People with Early Onset Parkinson presents a new project this year Xacobeo in which its members are doing the Way of Saint James.
Traveling on foot and alternating sections with bus support, these videos presented in Animacam, show their project, development in April, ending last April 11th, International Day of Parkinson's.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Curros Enriquez writes again in Galicia

Based on the poem "Nouturnio" by the Galician writer Manuel Curros Enríquez, this short film tells the story about an old man sentenced to flee his home to face his "nouturnio" of his life. Someday we may find that old man on the way...

Nouturnio of Celanova is the first Galician animation work participating in this third edition of Animacam. This 3D animation tells the story of an old man, drowned by the bad economic situation and personal misfortunes, whom has to leave home and go away to survive. Directed by Raul G. Perez,the animation follows the footsteps of Curros Enriquez, who runs all the sites of the little town of Celanova. Music by Luis Emilio Batallán with the song "Nouturnio", included in his album "Aí vén o maio."

Original piece of Nouturnio by Curros Enriquez (Galician poetist)

"Da aldea lonxana
fumegan as tellas;
detrás dos petoutos

vai póndose o sol;
retornan prós eidos
coa noite as ovellas
tiscando nas beiras
o céspede mol."
(Curros Enríquez)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fenrir, the wolf from the North

Having slept for a millennium under the roots of the tree Ygdrasil, the wolf-creature Fenrir is awakened by the rays of the sun. Enraged to have had his slumber interrupted, he frees himself from the roots and climbs up the tree. From the treetop he attempts to attack the sun, without realizing that from behind it appears a hero….

Fantasy returns to Animacam by the hand of the artists of the Gobelins French school, we have this new introducing animation of Annecy about the mythical wolf Fenrir, son of the union of gods in Norse mythology, fierce, inquisitive, awakens from a deep
sleep after taking thousands of years tied. Directed by Nuno Alves Rodrigues, Oussama Bouacheria, Alice Dieudonne, Aymeric Malassagne and Ulysse Kevin, these artists present this work in traditional 2D in Animacam Festival.

Chamuyo by Alberta Mazzini

How do you flirt in a bar?

The Argentinian artist
Albertina Mazzini bring us Chamuyo into the Retrospective category with an interesting layout brush, as a classic canvas (black lines on white background).

The author shows different situations of conquest, achievement of an end: the conquest of love, primary conquest, predatory and dietary conquest ... Different gains, different situations and different players, inside this new animation work in Animacam.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Here you are! Friday releases!

After enjoying a full week with five movies in which different records were contemplated: curious legends ranging from traditional to the most revolutionary techniques, from all parts of the globe; today, Friday, we want to make a present for you with two Premieres: two works in 2D animation for make your weekend the most enjoyable.

Albertina Mazzini presents a new work at Animacam: Chamuyo. Gobelins School from France present us one of their pilots for Annecy: Fenrir.

Good weekend and enjoy!

El Birque (génesis)

The story is about an artisan, about his life and how he devoted himself to his work.

Juan manuel Costa presents from Argentine another work in Animcam. Inside of the kind of literary adaptations and competing in the retrospective animation category, made with the Stop Motion technique, tell us the story of a artisan who perseveres.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nuvole, Mani

As we cross the field we take on the colour of yellow from the flowers and cuckoo spit.

Simone Massi from Italy presents this new drama in Animacam. With the use of traditional 2D animation technique always difficult to compete in the Short Film category with this impressive work.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Do it yourself

If you don't violate someone's human rights some of the time, you probably aren't doing your job.

Eric Ledune presents an interesting retrospective work from Belgium. In this story use the experimental technical and participate in the category of retrospective animation.