Friday, September 30, 2011

International Weekend in Animacam 4th edition

 This weekend Animacam offers a wide range of international films, with a selection of 7 premieres in its movie listings.

To celebrate the great beginning of the fourth edition of Animacam adequately, we have the great pleasure to present 7 films from various countries that will sure delight the audience.

To begin the presentations, we are starting with Ingrid Esteve Martín, that from England presents three interesting works of animation. These are:

In the multimedia category we have a promotional video to "The Fashion Fix", a virtual success with Second Life that if you want can turn you into the most fashion virtual host ever seen.

Also in this category, she entertains us with a creation to a presentation of Will Wright, "Meme Signal". An interesting proposal, Ingrid!

To remember her days as a student in Spain, Ingrid recalls this time with "El tramposo", a fun and ironic creation that will compete in retrospective category for an award of 600 Euros.

Still in the category of Retrospective Animations, we have from de USA the amusing proposal of the great Jeffrey Gurian, who with "George Washington Wore Wooden Pants" will remove the story of this famous president to offer a theory that will you make you to crack up with laughter.

As a short film and from Argentina, we find it extremely rewarding to introduce "Benteveo". One work of one habitual participant in this fourth edition whose name is Ilenana Gómez Gavinoser, and who will fill the Animacam movie listings with poetry and feeling.

From Ireland comes a very attractive proposition of Calvin Morooney, who with "Aspec", takes us into the depths of social introspection.

Finally, Athanasios Giouvanoudis with "Happy End" will show us an analysis of human ideals in modern society.

We hope you'll enjoy the proposal and we wish good weekend for all!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Animation Women of various countries release their films in Animacam 4th edition

This week begins with a special and exclusive mention for the animation women that present their works in Animacam.

To start the week we have the great pleasure to pay a tribute to the growing number of female animators that present their work in Animacam.

Each category sets out at least one work of the women's creations from various countries, and these are summarized as follows:

From Romania comes the short film "How to Deal With nonsense", a work of Veronica Solomon. Does the world always seem to you coherent and compressible? But why to struggle to understand everything when we can joyfully slide through so many layers of nonsense?. The spheric Mother Superior keeps the broth boiling and gems shining. And then ...

For the multimedia category and from Germany we are pleased to present the work of Antje Heyn, "Lumo",  is a film about the intereaction between draw and drawer, between two characters and between thinker and thoughts.

For the retrospective category, one more time the figure of Monique Renault will be our protagonist when presenting several classic films, accompanied by Helen Meske as co-director, that show us the most active feminine side of Animation of the 80´s and 90´s. These are the Films of Monique and Hellen:

With "Hand´s off" offer us an educational film which aims to be a stimulus to have a discussion within a broader campaign against wife battering.

"Long live the sexual revolution" nos tell us the story of a man that does a planning and gets prepared to make love with his partner, without worrying about whether the desire is mutually felt. She doesn´t seem to have the same desire as him, or rather not quite exactly the same.

And on her own, Monique shows us with “La Dona e Mobile”,a journey into male fantasies seen though the eyes of a woman, based on the famous opera from Verdi, Rigoleto. The duke of Mantua dreams about nudes, languishing beauties. The women depicted represent famous paintings: Matisse, Ingres, Boticelli, Degas, delighting with the beauty of a pose or the sensuallity of a gesture.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Animators from Georgia, Panama and Greece represent their respective countries at Animacam edition IV.

To conclude the week we present the works of various international animators in their respective categories that will compete for a prize of 600 euros.

From Georgia by Zurab Diasamidze comes an animated shortfilm of Vladimir "Lado" Sulakvelidke, under the title "A Legend About wine",that tells the story of the origin of the wine according to the popular tradition of this country.

It will be accompanied in the shortfilm category by "All's a lie" a great theory of the end of the universe that offers us an amazing outcome. This film created by Polykarp Parioristsas will be one of the Greece representatives at the festival.

For the multimedia category, from Panama we get two works of Eduardo Galvís.

With "Intervención Torre Eiffel" he has created an animated music video characterized by his powerful chromaticism and powerful background music.

While with "Las siluetas de una Ciudad" he shows us the eponymous animation project, in which seeks an answer and invites people to an awareness of the city culture.

Before the weekend, from the Animacam team, we would like to invite to animators from all over the world to participate in the fourth edition of Animacam, reminding you to share your films with the whole big family of Animacam. You just have to upload your animation films to the Web of Animacam 4th edition, subject to fulfillment of the rules that are linked here, and you can opt for a cash prize of 600 euros per category.

We are looking forward you to join us!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Students of the Ecole Gerges Meliès present their Films in Animacam fourth edition (part II)

As promised, today we have the great pleasure to present new films created by students of the Ecole Georges Meliès, which come from the hand of the Premium Films' friends and will get into the competition at the fourth edition of Animacam.

With "Sirocco" created by Anne Guetto, Guillaume Rajaona and Yaara Cellier, we will live the adventure of a sailor on a desert of sand on the hunt for a whale of air. A symbolic short film that affords us a desperate end.

The short film "Portrait Crashé" tells us the peculiar and funny adventures of a museum guard and a thief in the struggle to steal an important piece of art. A film full of fun that comes from the hand of Joachim Henrard, Mathieu Krystoforski, Agustin Legueux and Lucas Mayen.

The dreamy side comes from Vivien Morer and Le Viet Trang with his film "Stigma", in which a dying man will travel to dreamland in search of an alliance, of his identity and of his life. An intriguing short film of great aesthetic beauty and meticulous musical atmosphere.

To accompany these Films in the Multimedia category we include the teaser of  "The Hope",created by Edouard Koen and Nicolas Dalaiev. Just not to reveal the surprise that it's on it, it's better that what you watch it for yourself.

More premieres next Friday on the bulletin board of Animacam, do not miss those.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Students of the Ecole Georges Méliès present their Films in Animacam fourth edition (part1)

From the hand of the friends of Premium Films, students of the prestigious French school Georges Méliès present their works in Animacam IV.

To start the week on a high note, as promised, we present the first installment of the works of the French school animators George Méliès.

In this first part, four films of students of this prestigious French school get into the competition in the fourth edition of International Festival of Animation "Animacam". These works will compete in the short film category for a prize of 600 euros accompanied by prestige and international recognition.

In a delivery that will be completed next Wednesday with the release of four other works, from Animacam we have the great pleasure to present:

Carpates Express, a film by Doris Bachelier and Maéva Viricel, who through a mix of 2D-3D tell us the story of an unusual journey of a train's traveler full of fantasy.

Cuisine Jap, Amine Beckoury, David Fernandez and François Dumolin show us a fun alternative to the origin of Japanese cuisine today, identified in the creation of the famous Sushi in a film with a slight allusion to Bushido.

Lucie Mayjonade shows us in his short animated film Haï Puka a journey through the imagination of a girl on an adventure full of tenderness and fantasy endowed with a careful music atmosphere.

Finally, Guilhem Salinas, Jean-Baptiste Bister, Marine Perraudin and Mathieu Goudet de Landres show us the traumatic touchdown of a child with a Kindergarten. A film full of sentiment by which surely more than one will feel identified.

Friday, September 16, 2011

New films in competition at Animacam

Germany, Argentina, Austria and Spain welcome the films that come today in competition at Animacam IV edition.

After the great welcome that the films presented on Tuesday at the premiere of Animacam 2011 have received, we are massively receiving films for the exhibition and the competition in this 4th edition of Animacam.

To end the week we present a very interesting selection of films that will delight you.

In the shortfilms category we are pleased to present "Wallflower Tango", a film by Wolfram Kampffmayer, which comes from Germany by the hand of the producer Sebastian Weimann. This animated shortfilm tells the story of Charlotte and Kalle, a passionate tango dancer and a thief, who will delight us with an intensive dance on film with a lot of substance.

To accompany it, from Argentina arrives "Pío, Pío" by the courtesy of Ileana Andrea Gomez Gavinoser, that shows us a beautiful story of a bird and the search of its home. Surely this work will delight children.

Ileana is also one of our contestants in the Retrospective films category. The work "Mar" and "Los búhos ciegos" show us her artistic and reflective side. With her "Mar", she shows a poetic disconnection through the tears of a woman and their effects on the sea. While with "Los búhos ciegos" invites us to reflect on the training and education and their manifestation within the society.

In their company, and from Austria, the Iranian-born director Taha Ghamini Fard brings us two films laden with feeling and identification with his land. His "Hello" shows a sincere tribute to the first teachers for deaf children in Iran. Whereas with "100 years of Oil" Ghamini recalls the first job of oil extraction in the Middle East.

Finally, Amor Díaz entertains us in the Multimedia category with his video art "Caballo de Santiago", which picks up with great poetic fame and impeccable musical atmosphere the pilgrimage of this significant animal to the capital of Santiago of Compostela.

We wish you enjoy our proposal for the weekend and anticipate that next week we have several films of students from one of the most prestigious animation schools . The students of the French school Georges Méliès will share their work with all the great Animacam´s family.

Animated Greetings and happy weekend for all!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Welcome to Animacam IV edition

Once more time it starts a new edition of the International Animation Festival Online "Animacam". In this fourth edition is a pleasure to share with you these wonderful animated moments.

In 2011 we intend to continue offering you interesting works from all over the world, and new developments through the new interactive Web

Among the innovations that you will find and that you will be discovering from these days, we highlight a new display video format, where you could select the option to watch videos in HD quality or standard. This ensures that the connection to the network from anywhere in the world won't be an impediment when enjoying the work of the great family that now makes up Animacam.

Furthermore we offer you a more dynamic, interactive and intuitive Web, for you to enjoy at its best way of every moment that we will share together.

To start this 2011 edition we offer you a representative group of films that certainly summarize the essence of the festival.

As a touchdown, our mates from ECAM bring us three great films that will compete for the short film category and that are extracted as follows:

"Dogballs" directed by Ernesto Felipe and  Hugo Llamas, a thriller animation which shows the work of a specialized hired murderer who deals with one of his customers. This acclaimed animated short film follows an intense essence of good black movies.

"Eso te pasa por Barroco" is a fun project by Pablo Serrano, Elsa Esteban, Angel Fariña, Vicky Gonzalez, Adrian Parra, Juan E. Forero and Iria Salgado, who through a great Stop-Motion with clay shows us the carefree story of a commensal with his food. Laughter is guaranteed

The most intense counterpoint comes from the hand of Zoe Berriatúa, who tells us through his disturbing animation, "La cosa de la esquina", the disturbing story of Janus Harper in the fight with his subconscious, or perhaps his reality ... you can judge it.

These three films will compete for the prize in its category accompanied by an excellent animated short film, courtesy of Alejandro Salmeron Galindo in his "Requiem", shows with nearly 20 minutes the search of a dying man of his salvation. Will he get at it?

To close the international presentations, the note comes from Greece thanks to Irili Siresli, who shows the most ecological side with the animations "Mission Mission Earth 1" and "Mission Earth 2". A great work that invites you to a sincere reflection and natural awareness.