Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Radio Galega brings together the winners of Animacam third edition

On Saturday 30 October, the program "Nos quen" of Radio Galega brought together the winners of the  Third Edition of Animacam, who, along with festival director Xosé Luis Carneiro, shared a nice "little while" on the airwaves. In the interview shared his passion for the world of animation, deep into its initial stages of development of this art.

Josué Jaramillo from Colombia, Inma Carpe from Denmark and Eduardo Alés from Almeria, we discussed the present and future projects without forgetting thanks to Animacam. Well, then, from Animacam can only answer that gratitude is ours to them and to all of you who make possible that the world grows a little more each day.

For your effort, your work, your joy, your passion ...

Thank you very much everybody!!

Here is your house

While we wait to send us the full interview in high quality ... for those who do not wish to wait, you can find the cut by clicking here. It is located in the fragment of Saturday - 9:05 - in the 37 '30 ".

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