Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Animacam 4th Edition 2011, will start September 12 of 2011
Cooperation Agreement Animacam-Festival Eurocine 2011, Colombia

Dear friends, we are pleased to inform you that the 4th Edition of Animacam 2011, finally, will start September 12 of  2011, with novelties and surprises in wich we are now working, hoping that all will pleased you .

Until then, we are bringing you a scoop: the Cooperation Agreement, recently created between The Cultural Section of the Spanish Embassy in Colombia and Animacam for he Exhibition and Promotion in Latin America of the European Animation Short films participants in Animacam 2nd and 3rd Editions. The shorts, coming from the Short film Category Official Section of Animacam 2009-2010, will be exhibit in Eurocine 2011 that will take place in Bogotá from April the 27 to May the 8th of 2011.

We wish that the initiative please you.


The proposal of Eurocine is to diversify the Colombian filmic scene, opening spaces to the best European Cinema, poorly represented on the traditional screens. This edition emphasizes on Animation, where European creators have traditionally stood out.

The Cultural Section of the Spanish Embassy in Colombia
is pleased to invite the European Animacam Participants in the Category of Short film in the 2009/2010 Editions, to screen their shorts at the Exhibition Section of the Festival Eurocine 2011, that will take place in Bogotá from 27 of April to 8 of May 2011.


The interested may send their works (two DVD PAL copies in high quality with Spanish Subtitles), until 25 march 2011, to: · Tecnópole · Edificio CEI–Nido 19 Buzón 35 · 32900 San Cibrao das Viñas · Ourense · España

The Consultant Committee of Eurocine in the Spanish Embassy will choose the final selection according to representative and quality criteria between the candidates presented by ANIMACAM.

ANIMACAM will not receive any economic remuneration for the organization and management of this event: it is a courtesy collaboration with Eurocine 2011 to promote in Latin America the European Animation cinema which had participated in ANIMACAM 2009 and 2010.

Thank you all. Animated cheers! Animacam team.

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