Friday, March 5, 2010

Flaming Arrow by Jupiter One: directed by Robertas Nevecka

The video is set in a fictional city. The band members of Jupiter One are playing their song on the rooftop of a twelve-story building. The lead singer's heart is broken because his girl betrayed him with another guy. Now he demands revenge. The unfaithful girl lives in a nearby building. He brings large barrels of kerosene onto the rooftop and plans to shoot kerosene-soaked flaming arrows into the girl’s building to set it on fire. The vocalist shoots the first flaming arrow and it does the whole job. The girl’s building is in flames.

Directed by Robertas Nevecka, a young Lithuanian animator, Flaming Arrow is the new song of Jupiter One, and this animated music video shows the brilliant work of Robertas, modeling and building great 3D animations and backgrounds.

This is the first animated video in Multimedia category in this 3rd edition of Animacam, featuring this category, that it's opened to all those animations such as adverts, mobiles, videogames, titles of TV programmes and pilot TV series, art-video and music clips.

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