Monday, March 22, 2010

New week, new animation releases!

We start the week with five new animation works of different techniques, different arguments, mixing new creators and experienced creative directors those present their works through the website of animation home: Animacam!

Juan Manuel Costa show us a sweet story and full of folklore, about a potter who discovers the secret of the pots in the village. A stop-motion story full of magic and its own visual beauty of the Argentines, along with a new experience in Second Life from the Republic of Congo, by Teboho Edkins: Kinhasa 2.0.
Inma Carpe, winner of the Second Edition in retrospective category for her work In the winter palace, repeats in Animacam this year with another work in the same category: Le petit chaperon rouge, sharing category with another work of retrospective as Nice day for a picnic, by the Belgian Monika Gallab. Finally, Gobelins presents another heartwarming story in the traditional 2D: Gardien du Phare (The Lighthouse Keeper).

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