Friday, April 23, 2010

Cartoons from all around the world to Sandiás and from Sandiás to the world


The Australian Cartoonist, Producer and Director, Damien Pascoe, with animation works such as the video of Australian rocker Tim Rogers, will be working in studies at Sandiás, from June to September, to animate a cartoon short movie of international distribution. This way, the Festival, in this 3rd Edition 2010, gives a giant step, with its now familiar nickname of "walking together to animate the world”, to become, besides of a Festival, in a Launching Pad for International Animation Projects.

Sandiás (Ourense) April 23, 2010 .- The 3rd edition of the International Online Festival "Animating the Way 2010" for artists, cartoon fans and Pilgrims of the Way of Saint James, as well as advertised, has a the triple aim of broadcast animated films from around the world, encouraging artists, producers and training schools to participate showing cartoons, and provide web users creating virtual photo and video library about the Way of Saint James.

"" was born on June 23, 2008 with intercontinental vocation to be a link to encourage and disseminate respect for the diversity of thoughts and cultures.

The first edition of “”, from July to October 2008, was visited by 75,000 web users and ended with the participation in the competition sections of 164 animated films from a total of 33 countries, of which 6 were chosen and awarded with 2000 euros in prize money each by voters from 43 countries.

The Second Edition was visited by more than 168,000 web users. The Official Section of the Festival showed 313 animation works from 61 countries from the five continents and voted registered users from 102 countries. The Parallel Section (The Way) were uploaded 138 videos and 212 pictures from 14 countries about the experiences, stories and adenvures of the pilgrimage to Compostela.

The recently released Third Edition have already available 45 films from 17 countries in the Official Section and in the Parallel Section (The Way), 20 videos.

Limaía Produccións, with its head office in Sandiás (Ourense), organizer of, aims to become a meeting point between cartoon creators and web users from all the world such it is the Way of St. James for pilgrims.

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