Friday, April 23, 2010

Animated releasing Friday!

Once again, Animacam releases five new animation works on its website. The International Festival of Animation Online continues to offer animation around the world and establishing a link between global animation cartoon fans and creators, animators and producers of the industry.

This week, a new Galician work arrives in internet: Neggy meets Sammy. There was once a big house, strange and old beyond the sea... A drama that uses different techniques to tell the rawness and the helplessness of a love story. Avi Graiver, from Israel, again took part in Animacam (after passing through the I edition), with an animation in a tone of humor and sarcasm: Foxy Santa. We do not know where he's involved fantasies Santa Claus ...
Again, Argentina continues to be a land full of lively people ... This time, Ayar Blasco presents a Flash animation, a comedy about Rasbernardo Kitty, a true rockstar. The French school Gobelins show us a new introducing animation for Annecy, lots of fantasy and one of the most picturesque character, here comes in Animacam: Le Lac Gele. Finally, the experienced animator Konstantin Bronzit, presents a love story in the most strange place: train station WC. An Oscar nominated work for best animated short, this work of 2003 is titled Lavastory: Lavatory LoveStory.

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