Sunday, December 18, 2011

Voting period closed in Animacam IV

Great excitement in the final stage of voting in Animacam IV, where an initial review shows a very tight final in all categories.

With the imminent publication of the final results on Wednesday 21st, from the Animacam team we want to thank, once again, the large turnout and reception given to the festival on the five continents, getting an unique edition with the illusion of all: fans, directors, producers, distributors and the broad range of people who make of Animacam a large family.

In turn, we apologize for the problems occurred today with the Web Site of Animacam. By problems unrelated to the organization and to the festival itself, there has been a drop in the server that has inactive the web site for a short period of time.

We would like to remind you that next Wednesday you could know through this blog the different results in each category.

Receive a very affectionate greeting accompanied by our most sincere gratitude.

All the best!!!

The Animacam Team

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