Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gold brooch to the closure Animacam reception films with the release of 12 greats world premieres of animation.

 To close the fourth edition of the Festival, from Animacam we offer you twelve major international animation releases and invite you to enjoy them in high quality with optional HD on the video player of the Website, it’s worthwhile.

To begin the final releases, we have the great pleasure to offer the work of the prestigious ESMA Superior School Of art. The great quality of their animation creations speaks for itself.

With "Gom" they present us the story of a particular circus in which a young boy is looking for his pro debut. This great Short film offers the best graphic quality and maximum fun, don´t miss it.

In "Little Tombstone", with a perfect 3D, ESMA young animators recreate a duel between two gunmen in a beautiful short film full of emotion.

Laughter in torrents accompanied by the best quality in "Tadufeu", where two races fighting for control of fire. If you want to have a very fun time, don´t miss it.

With "Cross Road", the ESMA members lead us to the life of a particular blues musician, who after making a pact with the devil, will soon be surprised by the demands of this. A film with a flawless script, exceptional quality and the best music that you can enjoy at Animacam 4th edition.

The Film "Reflect", takes us into the story of a restorer and a peculiar picture, which guides her through a colorful world of mistrust.

"Electroshock" puts us in the shoes of a peculiar electrician who becomes a hero into the search of the love of a beautiful young woman. Enjoy with this funny film.

If you love the comedy you cannot miss "Temps Mort", the humorous story of the Death in its fight with an endearing old lady.

The fantastic and scary side comes with "Sun Knapping" through the story of a young girl in a park. The fantasy, the psychological terror and tension shine in this film.

The ESMA Chic side is presented with the film "Au Poil", in which the utensils of a washbasin have a heated discussion in an animated film where the technical quality abounds on all parts.

The most suggestive side comes with "Eden" , where Adam will have a great internal struggle not to succumb to the charms of Eve.

If you like fairy and princesses stories we invite you to watch "Tout Conte Fait" and you have fun with this satire about the set topics of these tales.

To conclude the presentation of ESMA Superior School of Art, we offer you "Swing"; a film where you can admire a unique story with a music lover barber.

Remember that the voting time starts today. If you want to vote your favorite films in the fourth edition of Animacam, you must be registered at the Animacam Website. So, what are you waiting for?, Register yourself and be the first on voting your favorite film.

Enjoy the proposal, friends!

And remember ... All animators are waiting for your vote.

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