Thursday, October 18, 2012

12 Films,12 Feelings

After two weeks of this Vth Edition, we released a dozen of movies that means a dozen of feelings, pluralistic and diverse, as we like to see in Animacam every year…

An Slovakian animator singing to its painted world (Divné Semena), a Peruvian-Spaniard living in Mallorca´s island, upset by the chance of the planet (Bendito machine), a Galician living in the Baleares islands, laughing herself jocular about death (Only you), a Brazilian determined to make us think, even in the sand of a beach (LittleUncomfortable), an other Galician, rocking gently with the Brazilian music between the sister waters of the Atlantic North Ocean and the Atlantic South (Depressaa vida passa), a Spanish-Moroccan insisting in telling us a funny story in barely 25 seconds (New animation), two Italians playing with the metaphor and topics about life (Dream´s of Leonardo´s Da Vinci) and (Menu Degli Incontri Senna Coperto), a British taking us to the sky with the sublime British humor -with Shakespeare included into the drama metaphors- (All Consuming love - Man in a cat), a Russian woman that draws a personal searching through the lights of a city (Night Lights), a North American that regale us with an animated delicatessen to children from 0 to 100 years old (The Fox made of Socks); and finally, an Argentinian poet that shots the circle of live, as it opens: when giving birth (Ella).

All this it is the most wonderful thing that may happens to animate the world: receive your stories and promote them to tell to the rest of the worlds, about this pluralistic world.

Dear followers, please enjoy this we have,
 and stand by, for what is coming next…


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