Thursday, October 11, 2012

Animacam presents:"Bendito Machine IV- Fuel The Machines"

The short film animation show Bendito Machine reflects on the innocence of a small, naive and clumsy species that believes to know everything but really doesn’t understand much. 

Obsessed by their machines, they trie to simplify and improve their living, but actually aren’t able to question anything beyond their noses, thanks to the blessed shelter of some enlightened greedy scoundrels. The show covers many topics and contains situations recognizable in every corner of the world, displayed in a primitive way without dialogs. The ebb and flow of this clumsy species, which lives adrift in a vast and mysterious universe, might look pretty familiar to you. 

In the latest episode "Bendito Machine IV- Fuel The Machines", Jossie Malis keeps a close eye on the transport technology and its environmental consequences- an epic journey with an unexpected ending.

Many filmmakers look at short films as their teenage years—happy to get past them and on to something bigger. Jossie Malis is one of the few who understood the power he’d created with his minimalist animated short Bendito Machine and has spent the past 6 years building a franchise around it. Now he’s just released Bendito Machine 4 (Fuel the Machine) and is campaigning for his audience’s support on the future of the franchise.

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