Friday, January 18, 2013

4 animated works from Estonia finalists in the On-line category in Animacam 2012

Estonia presents its candidacy for Best Director at the 5th International Festival of Animation ´Animacam 2012', with four works of the highest level with proved international experience.

The best animation of Estonia takes the floor by the hand of Animacam 2012 with 4 works that, as they were expected, use the most developed technique in this country: the Stop Motion with Puppets.

The three first finalists come to us from the producer NUKUFILM OÜ, and are the following:

Happy Birthday, a work directed by the acclaimed Rio Unt and animated by the renowned Estonian Andres Tenusaar is focused, during 12 minutes, on the peculiar vision of the always controversial moral dilemma of science or religion. 

It shows the unique vision of a fantastic duel between the biblical Jesus and a man-made robot. Will the robot be able to break the formed dogmas and put the religion to his favor? Or will the prevailing status quo remain firm? 

With Triangle Affair, Andres Tenusaar takes charge of the direction combining this with the animation, in which has been well accompanied by the artistic quality of Marili Toome. He offers us a spectacular 10-minute choreography in which, besides a great plasticity, complements with a deep metaphysical sense of reality.

Because there is no triangle without corners, no direction without a triangle and no movement without a direction ... 

As culmination of the participation of NUKUFILM in the On-line section of Finalists, Animacam 2012 has the great pleasure to present the award-winning animation work of the young Estonian animator Ulo Pikov: Body Memory.

Boby Memory is an award-winning work of a very high-quality technique that, under a claustrophobic backdrop, shows the close relationship of the body's memory in line with the ancestral heritage of our forbears and the imprint that it generates in the descendants.

To complete this great offer, Animacam 2012 is pleased to present the debut of Anu Laura Tulltemberg, Fly Mill .

Fly Mill has received more than a dozen international awards; from Georgia, Brazil, Germany, Portugal or Mexico, among others.

In this film, Anu Laura Tuttelgerg tells us, through a meticulously work with puppets, the story of a man who lives in an old water mill and every day bakes special bread for the ducks he takes cares of. After many days of daily routine, the miller decides to release his birds. To make this possible, he has to be cleverer than the hunters who regularly shoot at birds in the neighboring field. 

Will he succeed? Find out the answer in Animacam 2012 by clicking here

Once the first presentations have concluded, we would like to remind you that you could vote for your "Best Director" by registering at Animacam 2012 website and valuing the films on a scale from 1 to 5 stars.

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