Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Animating the Way of Saint James and Fighting Adversity

The Spanish Murcian Association of Parkinson Affected on Young Age (EPIT) conducted a new project this Jacobean Holy Year through which its members realized the Way of Saint James on foot and using bus support.

The pilgrims began their journey to Compostela through the French Way from Burgos the 5th of April and ending on the 11th of same month (International Parkinson's Day). The participants, during their extraordinary initiative, have created a video of the experience and they collaborate in Animacam Festival showing it.

Thus, Animacam is aimed to animate the Way of Saint James through its Parallel Section designed to pilgrims and visitors who make the pilgrimage to Compostela such is the case of EPIT. The Association has shared with visitors of the site, the experience of their pilgrimage to Santiago, by posting several videos to Animacam, availables at the Parallel Section in the homepage.

The Murcian Organization was created to work, help and serve those who had been touched by Parkinson's disease, mainly in the relatively early ages. EPIT focuses its work on information, guidance, counseling and psychological support to those affected by Parkinson at Early Start.

Besides this exciting and new proposal, EPIT organizes conferences and meetings related with the disease, having already held three editions, and complements these acts facing events and meetings with other partnerships.
In the context of additional difficulties of the disease, the appearance of EPIT comes after finding the lack of specific organizations and associations of Youth for Early Parkinson, to vindicate what is distinctive between them and the patient's of Parkinson's in old ages.

With this action of the Parallel Section, as well as the Official Section in competition with movies, Animacam transmits its cultural vocation of respect for the diversity of thoughts and cultures, through an experience that brings together hundreds of thousands of Pilgrims, tourists and webusers from around the world.

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