Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday is releasing day!

From now on, Animacam will feature their new releases every week on Thursday. After enjoying a full week with five movies in which different records were contemplated from all parts of the globe; today, we want to make a present for you with five release: five works in 2D animation, stop-motion and puppet animation; sad and happy stories for make your weekend the most enjoyable.

From Spain, Stefano Nicole presents a stop-motion fight in the most curious circunstances: Super 8 Film Fighter, Super 8 camera facing a trenchant enemy: the video camera. The French animation school Gobelins, features us Monstera Delicious, a film by Jeremy Macedo, Julien Perron, Rémi Ornélie Prioul & Salmon, about the fascination of a man with a strange woman.
The cartoonist
is a the most retrospective work (one of the most ancient submitted to Animacam) that comes from the hand of Joaquin Carrasquilla from Panama. Animation from 1986, tells the story about the journey through the mind of a cartoonist. The Swedish Johannes Nyholm presents us
Dreams us from the Woods, a puppet play of shadows on the love and pain presented to the Directors' Fortnight in Cannes. Finally, the Bulgarian animator Borislava Zahova presents us Meaning, a rapid-fire sequence of symbols with meaning socially prescribed for a disjointed soundtrack.

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