Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thrusday + Releases = Animacam!

Again, this Thursday we release five new animations in the Official Section of Animacam Festival. Already more than 60 animations are available on the website. This time, the stories focuses on drama, melancholy and nostalgy but also having a touch of spice and lots of music!

Milena Klebanov presents a beautiful and interesting history: The elephant. An animation that involves a curious lesson that we should all learn: "If you have a different look of the other, feel no shame." From Israeli animation, we went to this sweet film about a girl adventure in which she discovers the world within a leaf. Under the title Lebensader, the animator Angela Steffen, uses the traditional 2D technique mixed with colorful backgrounds. Joaquin Carrasquilla participates again with an animation created for a TV show called En 13 a ganar!

The Russian Alex Budovskiy presents the second part of Bathtime in Clerkenwell: Last Time in Clerkenwell, a funny flash animation that tells the outcome of the first part, in which the Revolution of the cuckoos are seated and have completely taken London. Finally, Elliot Cowan from Australia, shows a story about obsession, paranoia and hot tea: The thing in the distance.

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