Monday, November 28, 2011

Grand premiere of Korean artist Jisuk Jung at Animacam 2011

 Jisuk Jung is a Korean multiartist, born in 1980. Her contribution to the animated world started in 2002 and since that then she has been in many festivals around the world with significant important creations.

The popular acclaim has come to her through the French public, a country where in 2004 she made a presentation of her works garnering a phenomenal criticism from the professional sector.

Among her most important references we can highlight a first prize at the "France Flash Festival 2005", the "Internet Festival de Bordeaux", the "Seul Net Festival" and at the "Melbourne Festival" where two of her greatest creations have triumphed: "Reve de Canne" and "The blue glass bird".

The main theme of her work focuses on the loneliness and ecologism, as a reflection of the modern global society.

Always showing her disagreement with the loss of the own culture, she presents in her animation work the concept of loneliness with a feeling of despair, as a search within a socializing conflict.

On the most ecologist side of her work, Jisuk complaints about the human damage to the earth because of its expansionist nature and creates a world that invites us to reflect on the human origin from its most natural side.

Regarding the technique, Jisuk Jung uses a 2D classic, using the drawing as a main tool for developing her work. Despite of this, we can observe in some of her creations 2D computer images mixed with real images.

If you try to make a comparison of the techniques and themes she uses with any other artist, it will be hard not to find an reminiscent of Monique Renault and Hellen Meske on her creations, either in the style or in the rebel and active theme. Despite of this, Jisuk shows a more colorful creation, with more contrasts and great strength. Black, Red, Blue and Yellow seek the contrast with white figures, characteristic in her works.

For a more detailed knowledge of her creation, The International Animation Festival Online "Animacam" presents a special series about this artist with whom you can enjoy 8 of her most significant creations. Enjoy them!

On Wednesday last releases of Animacam 2011. Forbidden LOST!

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