Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Animacam Special Week: Women Animating

With the third anniversary of Animacam after his birth on the 23rd June of 2008, to celebrate the 2010 solstice and the recently created blog Women Animating. This special week is dedicated to women animators.

For all who share our dream of 'walking together to animate the world ", there is a new window in Animacam that comes out to honor women animators. The blog is aimed to be a mirror to watch ourselves, sharing the female “animation looking”.

Five new releases from different countries take place in Animacam's homepage from today:
Yalda Nasiri (character animator and creator from Iran) presents an animation work showing the effects of drugs: Hallucination.
The versatile Canadian artist Elleonora Ventura - creator, writer, animator, designer from Ventura Studio- which work (Crema Suprema) won in La Femme Film Festival and present in the Cannes Short Film Corner 2009, and tell us about a sabotage among bakers during a cooking contest.
Romanian director Kassay Réka presents a 2D animation entitled Bedtime Story - in the original, Esti mese- winner of Piatra Festival 2009, which tell us the adventures of a family who is very fond of honey cake.
The lost glove is an animation that tells the friendship between a dog and a girl where we learn a valuable lesson: "doing things without expecting anything in return can be very rewarding." Created and written by Justina Švambaryte, a Lithuanian woman, who, at only 22 years, has already produced two animations.
Finally, the Bulgarian-born artist Borislava Zahova - who participated in this edition of Animacam with her work Meaning, an experimental film- releases her animation Open with the philosophy: open to change, open to the new.

We'll appreciate your participation in Women Animating sending us any project from now to the past and/or any news about your developing jobs.

We wish that you like this new initiative.

Thank you very much for your support and confidence

Animated greetings


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