Friday, June 11, 2010

Once again... Friday releases!

After a week adicated to children, showing and presenting works made by kids aged between 6 and 12 years for all audiences, again, we present five new animated films coming from all over the world, as we are accustomed. Different stories, different genres, different colors ... Because in the variety is the pleasure, here you have Animacam!

Alex Budovskiy returns to Animacam after show his two shorts films about the Revolt of the cuckoos with an introducing animation for the Wiyos summer tour, containing the performances of Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp. In Bang!, A history of studies Bouman from the heart of Barcelona, as is the reality show in which nothing is what it seems. From Spain, also comes Ivan Lobon animation titled Magic, which shows that fortunes can get to make a magician and his rabbit.

Joaquin Carrasquilla repeats Animacam experience with a new clay animation: an animated newscast titled Panama Toons. From Slovenia, Blaz Cadez shows a beautiful fable about a fox who cares for abandoned rabbits. Discover what lesson can be drawn from it!

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