Thursday, June 3, 2010

GOMA: Planet of crazy people

GOMA was a planet of a very high civilization, a perfect world without wars, diseases or problems of any kind, as a paradise. Life in Goma was so wonderful, that one day Gomianos took the decision to share their well-being throughout the universe. They sent all the space capsules with its high-tech information and computing genetic.

Today, a meteorite crashed against Goma, causing climate change, and it seems that the final catastrophe is imminent. Scientists are working against time, and look for a planet in space where the genetic information sent planted long intelligent life, and where they could save Gomianos. There is an ancient legend says that there is a promise, a New Goma call him and others just Earth.

There is also another place in the universe. In the deepest black holes, sewers cosmos, there is a planet that serves as a refuge for all the evil ways of life. To make matters worse one of the capsules sent from Gel for years, with all its high-tech arrived here too. The information contained now serves for the creation of super-beings to conquer Earth.

The third planet of interest is the Earth, specifically a town with nothing special. To be more exact, a neighborhood populated by people who are looking for life as they can, sometimes against the law

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