Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday releases!

After a week of five new releases dedicated to Women Animating Special Week, showing and presenting works made by women animators from different countries and made in different techniques: 2D, 3D, flash, stop-motion, aimed at all public, again, we present five new animated films coming from all over the world, as we are accustomed. Different stories, different genres, different colors ... We walked together to animate the world!

Boris Cornejo from the Peruvian Cilantro Animation Studios presents Johnny the roofer, about a New Yorker executive who is tired of his routine life and decides to turn around this situation. Evgenia Gostrer from Germany participates with Waves of time: "Commemoration, reality, imagination. There are limits between these tides in our minds?". Roman Rybakiewicz participates again in Animacam, after introducing Goma, in the animation work Martians, a series for the whole family wool, with an orientation to adolescent and adult viewers.

Tunc Gencer
from Turkey shows Holy Water, presented to a multitude of festivals, focusing on the gap between mind and tongue and sacred relationship between water and tongue. Finally, from Chile, Galvarino Ibaceta participates in Animacam with a commercial created for a fictitious product: Light eyes, which used a salve to avoid touareg sandstorms.

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