Friday, July 30, 2010

Animated adverts, series and short films... New Animacam releases!

After a week of celebration for this Jacobean Holy Year, this last week of July we enjoy five new releases of all countries of the world as we usually do in Animacam. On Friday, we made a new installment of premieres, renewing the billboard with new bets for new and creative filmmakers and animators from experienced studies. Animations from Lithuania, Colombia, Spain and Azerbaijan will hold the cover of this new Animacam week. as always, animating the network and the webusers.

The animation studio in Madrid 12 Penguins, who won the Goya of 2002 for the Best Animated Short Film: Pollo, shows an interesting 3D animation starring a popular toys such as Play-mobil. Titled Clicks, we see a policeman who tells his stressful life to a psychiatrist. The Catalan study Chips & Films presents a new animated series based (only title) in a famous series of fiction. Sin tetas no hay nadie en mi piso, it presents the curious characters with different personalities living together in an apartment and sharing experiences and annecdotes. Directed by Alberto Busquets, this time we watch Pedrolo, one of the characters, introducing himself ... We will see these friendly characters animations.

Baghal Rahim Asghari, an experienced animator from Iran, a member of the illustrious animators of Azerbaijan Society, shows the second
advert of the campaign Electricity Saving, due to energy savings. Danas Berznitsky, Israelian animator participant in the last edition of Animacam with Lalala and Hypnosis, presents his book The Missing Book, final master degree project that speaks about love, freedom, passion, magic and Happiness , narrated in the Royal Crown of Sonnets Qualligraphus of Jaffa, a humble student of alchemy. Finally, from Colombia, Josué Jaramillo presents a beautiful stop-motion on Tatián y su casa del árbol, planted next to his father ... The tree's life will be closely linked to the father of the protagonist.

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