Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Animating the week with sports and movement

This week, Animacam presents five animations of all colors and all the techniques to continue on its journey through the network where web users around the world to enjoy animated films.

Because the international significance of the event, Football World Cup is also in Animacam, with the new toons of the Spanish national team football players, now face against Germany in the semifinals of the championship. Sergio Ramos speaks about the experience in the quarterfinals against Paraguay in a production of Chips and Films.

Accompanying the current that this movie will chronicle the news of the red selection, we find another Spanish animation stop-motion, developed by Galder Arriaga and produced by Mailuki Films: Musu bat - the way forward for a kiss. From Azerbaijan, the curious get a spot that promotes energy saving light under the title Electricity Saving created by Rahim Asghari Baghal.

The French animator Joanna Lurie shows a beautiful animation that talks about the migration of trees, where flora and fauna have to run away to find a place to sit still without the threat of the invaders. Finally, Boris Cornejo presents a 3D animation back from Peru: Message, where a Hispanic family living in Florida without losing their customs.

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