Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We start this week with animations from around the world!

After a busy week for the passion and movement of sport in general and football in particular (with the victory of the Spanish national team in World Cup and the video with the impressions of Sergio Ramos after the game for Paraguay) and after presenting works from Azerbaijan, France, Spain and Peru, we began the third week of July urging the summer and heating up the network with cartoons.

The Taiwanese animator Erik Lee, presented its final draft of the Academy of the Arts in New York with his debut film: Fat-tastic, in which a magician performs amazing tricks in what people get thin. Bouman Jose Martinez Studios presents a flash adventure where an individual presence, day after day, the death of a prostitute in front of her building. The animator Catalan Animacam back to this play in which the protagonist try to save his neighbor in bipolar limit.

The Latin animators Joaquin Carrasquilla and Galvarino Ibaceta continue presenting their works to Animacam, such is the case of MM, a retrospective work in which actors are in a universe between animation and fiction. Galvarino shows us a new ad for the brand of gum Bum-bum. Let's see who is the fastest in the West to exploit the bubble gum ... Finally, British artist Andy Sykes, presents one of its three stories of his childhood, taking the point of view of their "adult self" in Stupid table.

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