Monday, July 19, 2010


Jason Oshman, winner in the second edition of Animacam in the category Opera Prima with his work A Modest Proposal, again takes part in this Third Edition with Ping: a story of quirky robots living locked in a prison.

Three blue rectangles light up the metallic floor as the moon casts the shadow of the prison bars above on another night inside the prison for Ping. But something is different tonight. A new prisoner arrives in the cell across the row: a cheerful pink robot named Dazee. Her smiling face brightens up the prison in more ways than one. However, Dazee's joyful and defiant demeanor may make her stay in The Warden's prison a short-lived one. As Ping and Dazee soon learn, The Warden will not hesitate to dispose of anyone who upsets him. Fearing that Dazee may be the next target of his wrath, they devise a way to escape the bars of The Warden's prison. But, can they escape his minion?

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