Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Provisional Ranking in Animacam Festival III edition

It promised surprises and this is ... a very tight final at the third edition of Animacam.

In the animation retrspective category all is the same, but the situation can change at any time since the three films are candidates for very few points between them.

In the category of best animated short, the revelation of these last days, "The carnivorous flower," is like a bullet to the throne holding Tatian. The film is second place and climbing ...

While, in multimedia category, "The days of kraulio" came back to the first place, but followed closely by "The Pavilolos" its not throw in the towel.

The classification is as follows:

Best multimedia animation
The days of Kraulio
The Pavilolos
Rosamond Suona

Best Animated Short Film
Tatian the tree house
The carnivorous flower
Velika bela lakrdja

Best Animation Retrospective
Joli Dragon
Le petit Chaperon Rouge

Anything can happen ... you decide, register and vote here

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