Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Five films presented in Animacam are competing in the Ourense Film Festival

This week, Ourense is celebrating the OUFF: XV Ourense International Film Festival, Animacam friend festival. Following the opening party last Saturday with the film 18 meals, produced by Tic Tac Producciones and directed by Jorge Coira, this week there are eleven screens projecting films in Ourense, aimed to show the selected films of the 15th edition. The Festival Organizing Committee has selected four animated films that are also present in the III International Festival of Animation Online: Lebensader by Angela Steffen, Fard David Alapont and Luis Briceno, Frère Benoît et les Grandes Orgues by Michel Dufourd and Nocta by Iván Díaz. In addition, in a new Section called Made in Ourense, there is another film: Nouturnio de Celanova, by Raúl García.

The German Angela Steffen introduced her new animation Lebensader, a beautiful story between a father and daughter in which she explains the universe is through a small piece of a tree. By Luis Briceno and David Alapont, with the production Jeremy Rochigneux, Fard is a new short film blessed with a classic sense of style. With its soft color palette and clean lines, Fard evokes a kind of classic neo-futurism.

The Swiss Michel Dufourd presents Frère Benoît and the great orchestra, a story that takes place in a medieval monastery featured by Brother Benoît, a burly, friendly, bumbling monk has just received orders from his superiors to clear the huge organ in the church. Accompanied by Françoise, his chicken, try to do his best. Despite their good intentions, it triggers a catastrophe after another. Finally, Iván Díaz, a prominent promoter of Gata Estudio, after participating in the last edition of Animacam with his work Cuervo- also selected in last year's OUFF-back showing his new film: Nocta. A work that shows the consequences of a night of partying, alcohol and psychotropic substances.

Finally, Nouturnio de Celanova is a 3D animation made by Raúl García from Ourense. Nominated in the Galician Awards Mestre Mateo for best animated short, it´s based on the poem "Nouturnio" written by Manuel Curros Enríquez, the short tells the story of an old man sentenced to flee their homes to face the "nouturnio" of his life.

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