Friday, October 15, 2010

Provisional ranking of all categories of Animacam

Surprises in the provisional ranking in the absence of 8 days for the closing of the polls.

Media in category "Los pavilolos" oust "Los días de Kraulio" in the first place, while, behind Suona Rosamond is pushing hard.

In the short film category  "La Flor Carnivora" reached third place at the expense "La competitiva", while narrowing the gap between "Tatián" and "Bela Lakrdija Velika."

Which also adamant the dispute is in the category of retrospective with constant ups and down by the three favorites.

With all this, the ranking is presented as follows:

Best multimedia animation

The pavilolos
The days of Kraulio
Rosamond Suona

Best Animated Short Film

Tatian the tree house
Velika bela lakrdja
The carnivorous flower

Best Animation Retrospective

Joli Dragon
Le petit Chaperon Rouge

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