Friday, September 16, 2011

New films in competition at Animacam

Germany, Argentina, Austria and Spain welcome the films that come today in competition at Animacam IV edition.

After the great welcome that the films presented on Tuesday at the premiere of Animacam 2011 have received, we are massively receiving films for the exhibition and the competition in this 4th edition of Animacam.

To end the week we present a very interesting selection of films that will delight you.

In the shortfilms category we are pleased to present "Wallflower Tango", a film by Wolfram Kampffmayer, which comes from Germany by the hand of the producer Sebastian Weimann. This animated shortfilm tells the story of Charlotte and Kalle, a passionate tango dancer and a thief, who will delight us with an intensive dance on film with a lot of substance.

To accompany it, from Argentina arrives "Pío, Pío" by the courtesy of Ileana Andrea Gomez Gavinoser, that shows us a beautiful story of a bird and the search of its home. Surely this work will delight children.

Ileana is also one of our contestants in the Retrospective films category. The work "Mar" and "Los búhos ciegos" show us her artistic and reflective side. With her "Mar", she shows a poetic disconnection through the tears of a woman and their effects on the sea. While with "Los búhos ciegos" invites us to reflect on the training and education and their manifestation within the society.

In their company, and from Austria, the Iranian-born director Taha Ghamini Fard brings us two films laden with feeling and identification with his land. His "Hello" shows a sincere tribute to the first teachers for deaf children in Iran. Whereas with "100 years of Oil" Ghamini recalls the first job of oil extraction in the Middle East.

Finally, Amor Díaz entertains us in the Multimedia category with his video art "Caballo de Santiago", which picks up with great poetic fame and impeccable musical atmosphere the pilgrimage of this significant animal to the capital of Santiago of Compostela.

We wish you enjoy our proposal for the weekend and anticipate that next week we have several films of students from one of the most prestigious animation schools . The students of the French school Georges Méliès will share their work with all the great Animacam´s family.

Animated Greetings and happy weekend for all!!

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