Monday, September 26, 2011

Animation Women of various countries release their films in Animacam 4th edition

This week begins with a special and exclusive mention for the animation women that present their works in Animacam.

To start the week we have the great pleasure to pay a tribute to the growing number of female animators that present their work in Animacam.

Each category sets out at least one work of the women's creations from various countries, and these are summarized as follows:

From Romania comes the short film "How to Deal With nonsense", a work of Veronica Solomon. Does the world always seem to you coherent and compressible? But why to struggle to understand everything when we can joyfully slide through so many layers of nonsense?. The spheric Mother Superior keeps the broth boiling and gems shining. And then ...

For the multimedia category and from Germany we are pleased to present the work of Antje Heyn, "Lumo",  is a film about the intereaction between draw and drawer, between two characters and between thinker and thoughts.

For the retrospective category, one more time the figure of Monique Renault will be our protagonist when presenting several classic films, accompanied by Helen Meske as co-director, that show us the most active feminine side of Animation of the 80´s and 90´s. These are the Films of Monique and Hellen:

With "Hand´s off" offer us an educational film which aims to be a stimulus to have a discussion within a broader campaign against wife battering.

"Long live the sexual revolution" nos tell us the story of a man that does a planning and gets prepared to make love with his partner, without worrying about whether the desire is mutually felt. She doesn´t seem to have the same desire as him, or rather not quite exactly the same.

And on her own, Monique shows us with “La Dona e Mobile”,a journey into male fantasies seen though the eyes of a woman, based on the famous opera from Verdi, Rigoleto. The duke of Mantua dreams about nudes, languishing beauties. The women depicted represent famous paintings: Matisse, Ingres, Boticelli, Degas, delighting with the beauty of a pose or the sensuallity of a gesture.

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