Friday, September 30, 2011

International Weekend in Animacam 4th edition

 This weekend Animacam offers a wide range of international films, with a selection of 7 premieres in its movie listings.

To celebrate the great beginning of the fourth edition of Animacam adequately, we have the great pleasure to present 7 films from various countries that will sure delight the audience.

To begin the presentations, we are starting with Ingrid Esteve Martín, that from England presents three interesting works of animation. These are:

In the multimedia category we have a promotional video to "The Fashion Fix", a virtual success with Second Life that if you want can turn you into the most fashion virtual host ever seen.

Also in this category, she entertains us with a creation to a presentation of Will Wright, "Meme Signal". An interesting proposal, Ingrid!

To remember her days as a student in Spain, Ingrid recalls this time with "El tramposo", a fun and ironic creation that will compete in retrospective category for an award of 600 Euros.

Still in the category of Retrospective Animations, we have from de USA the amusing proposal of the great Jeffrey Gurian, who with "George Washington Wore Wooden Pants" will remove the story of this famous president to offer a theory that will you make you to crack up with laughter.

As a short film and from Argentina, we find it extremely rewarding to introduce "Benteveo". One work of one habitual participant in this fourth edition whose name is Ilenana Gómez Gavinoser, and who will fill the Animacam movie listings with poetry and feeling.

From Ireland comes a very attractive proposition of Calvin Morooney, who with "Aspec", takes us into the depths of social introspection.

Finally, Athanasios Giouvanoudis with "Happy End" will show us an analysis of human ideals in modern society.

We hope you'll enjoy the proposal and we wish good weekend for all!

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