Monday, September 19, 2011

Students of the Ecole Georges Méliès present their Films in Animacam fourth edition (part1)

From the hand of the friends of Premium Films, students of the prestigious French school Georges Méliès present their works in Animacam IV.

To start the week on a high note, as promised, we present the first installment of the works of the French school animators George Méliès.

In this first part, four films of students of this prestigious French school get into the competition in the fourth edition of International Festival of Animation "Animacam". These works will compete in the short film category for a prize of 600 euros accompanied by prestige and international recognition.

In a delivery that will be completed next Wednesday with the release of four other works, from Animacam we have the great pleasure to present:

Carpates Express, a film by Doris Bachelier and Maéva Viricel, who through a mix of 2D-3D tell us the story of an unusual journey of a train's traveler full of fantasy.

Cuisine Jap, Amine Beckoury, David Fernandez and François Dumolin show us a fun alternative to the origin of Japanese cuisine today, identified in the creation of the famous Sushi in a film with a slight allusion to Bushido.

Lucie Mayjonade shows us in his short animated film Haï Puka a journey through the imagination of a girl on an adventure full of tenderness and fantasy endowed with a careful music atmosphere.

Finally, Guilhem Salinas, Jean-Baptiste Bister, Marine Perraudin and Mathieu Goudet de Landres show us the traumatic touchdown of a child with a Kindergarten. A film full of sentiment by which surely more than one will feel identified.

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