Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ranking in Animacam. How are going the rates?

Voting time continues in Animacam! For now, the competition is leadering in the three categories by Tatián: the tree house in short film, Suona Rosamunda in Multimedia category and Defectuoso in Retrospective. Your votes count, and in the ranking this week, the animation La Competitiva stands as the third most voted in short Film category, while in Multimedia, Los Pavilolos and Los Días de Kräulio follow Suona Rosamond.

Best short film animation

1.- Tatián, la casa del árbol. Josué Jaramillo (Colombia)
2.- Velika Bela Lakrdija (Great White Gag). Vojislav Vukadin (Serbia)
3.- La competitiva. Hernán Mono Cieza & Adriana Delfino Peca (Spain)

Best Multimedia animation

1.- Suona Rosamunda. Enrique Diego Blanco (Spain)
2.- Los Pavilolos v.5. Pako Ortiz (Spain)
3.- Los días de Kräulio. Eduardo Alés (Spain)

Best Retrospective Animation

1.- Defectuoso. Juan Sebastian Díaz Santaella (Colombia)
2.- Joli Dragon. Inma Carpe (Spain)
3.- Le petit chaperon rouge. Inma Carpe (Spain)

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