Friday, November 18, 2011

8 major releases of the best international animation at Animacam 2011

 The final stretch of Animacam 2011 is close and we continue receiving very high-qualified creations to the most lively festival. In this way, 8 major releases will be the stars of the weekend, through which we can enjoy the best of world animation.

To start with the presentations we couldn't do it better than talking about Malika Whitaker, who regales us two wonderful art works full of intimate dyes, through which we are invited to reflect on the particular side of the commitment sense. With "Fear me not" for the shortfilm and "Lettin'go" for the retrospective, we will be able to observe the evolution of the most intimate feelings of this prestigious French animation director.

From the "Divulgare" friends we get two very well-worked documentary creations for the festival's multimedia category. With "Bilogical invasions: the case of American mink" and "Adaptive Strategies: burglar alarm hypothesis", they show us the scientific side of our close reality in an easy way.

The Divulgare animation works will have the great company of a promo-presentation of the Deaths' Day in Mexico. An evocative animated work created by Cesar Omar Esparza, and that is an accurate reflection of the great culture and idiosyncrasies of this country.

From Belgium, and by Britt Raes, it arrives "I like a bird". A fantastic story endowed with great visual beauty that will lead us into a completely surreal world. Enjoy of this great animation of the retrospective category at Animacam.

And for the retrospective category, it is accompanied by another singular creation of Hicham Bouzahzah, a director who pays a tribute with Street Fighter to the famous Capcom video game that triumphed in arcades in the 90's.

Finally, the comic side comes from Hungary by Csaba Bardos, who with his creation "Albert", will let us to enjoy of some amusing times flavored with an animation proposal that exudes quality on all four sides. Enjoy with this great work of the director Csaba Bardos for the short film category.

And we said goodbye until next Monday, when we'll have prepared a very large billboard with award-winning international animation works, that you could enjoy in Animacam 2011.

Happy weekend to everybody!

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