Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Last week of films' registration at Animacam and 6 new premieres in the most lively billboard

It is one week left for the films registration deadline at Animacam, and we are still receiving animated creations from all over the world. Today we propose you to enjoy of a very lively billboard with new countries participating and interesting works that we are sure will delight adults and children.

Let's start with the presentations.

From Spain, Ernest Lovera and Esther Salgado offer us two wonderful animated short films named "El regalo de Blanca" and "El laberinto del Fenix". The award-winning animation "El regalo de Blanca" take us into the magical story of a girl who receives an unusual present from her father. A story full of tenderness that will make us to palpitate. Do not miss it in the short film category of Animacam.

While with "El laberinto del Fenix", they show us an elaborated ode to freedom characterized by an impeccable script and equipped with a high technical quality. Two great works of animation that clearly reflect the quality that treasure these two fantastic directors.

By the hand of Animostra friends, from Portugal, we get two wonderful and educational animations to make that young and old will enjoy with this fourth edition of Animacam. With "Foxi & Meg" by André Letria, and "Ginjas: Burocracia" of Humberto Santana, you can enjoy of opposing terms to taste such timely topics as solidarity and affection, and combining these with basics of border transgression.

In the retrospective category, we have the great pleasure to present one of the animation works with the largest number of international awards in recent years. By the hand of the famous Slovak director Boris Sima, we present "Chytte ho !!!". A unique animated work that lasts 18 minutes and that will let you to enjoy of the technical skills of this great director.

And to end a great presentations' day, we couldn't do it better than talking about the painter Mireya Martin Larumbe. This artist from Pamplona entertains us in the multimedia category with "Nosotros cuando amamos", a true reflection of her artistic creation transferred to the animated world and that surely will make us to enjoy of her artistic talents and her unforgetable performance.

And so we said goodbye until next Friday when you could enjoy of new leading international creations that come to us from great animation directors from France, USA, Canada, Holland, México.

As you remember, you are still in time to participate. Upload your work at the Animacam web or send it by email or web transfer:

We are waiting for you!

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