Monday, November 7, 2011

New week and new releases from France, Serbia and Argentina at Animacam 2011

To start the week we present the latest contributions of Supinfocom 2010, which will shine in the short film category with a more than remarkable creation that comes from Serbia and a "promo-presentation" that comes from Argentina, for the multimedia category.

We are close to reach the final date for films receipt, reminding you that it will take place on November 30th, and Animacam 2011 is pleased to present six major international animation creations on the most animated billboard.

To say goodbye to the Animation School Supimfocom's contributions, we have the great pleasure to present:

"The Make Over", which is a very elaborated work of animation that reflects the high quality of Supinfocom students’ creations. This animated film shows, through a current story, a great tribute to some of the most important films of Disney.

The Freaks comes to town: ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, come and enjoy "Tous des Monstres", a brilliant 3D animation film that exudes quality on all four sides.

The most amusing side, fitted in turn by the high quality of this Monday's releases, comes with the creation "Vie d'enfer", in which a little devil escapes from hell to conquer the kingdom of heaven.

And to put the finishing touch to the Supinfocom participation in Animacam, we are delighted to present "8-bits", a great quality creation that shows us a tribute to the most elaborated video game's world of the 90. A great work that you cannot miss.

Thank you very much to the Supinfocom's friends for these contributions and also thank you very much to the Premium Film's friends for betting on Animacam in the promotion of best animated films of the most prestigious French schools of the genre. See you in Animacam V, and receive our best wishes!

And after a farewell, we have a new presentation that comes from Serbia for the short film category; we are pleased to present the great creation of the director Vid Rajin, "CINEmataclysm". It tells us the story of a film projection that went terribly wrong, although the audience seemed to be delighted with it. Do not miss this end of studies project that clearly shows us the high quality that holds this Serbian director.

And to end with the presentations, from Argentina and for the multimedia category, it comes this promo-presentation of the Animation Festival of Cordoba, Anima, by the hand of Juan Manuel Costa. Thank you very much for the contribution and many greetings to Juan Manuel and to comrades of Anima.

And that's all for today friends. Remember that you are still in time to send your animations and participate in the official section of Animacam. We will also be waiting for you next Wednesday with more animations and new surprises in Animacam 2011.

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