Friday, November 25, 2011

9 international premieres for the last weekend before the vote

The voting are close and directors are still sending us top-quality works from all over the world.

And without further ado, now we begin with the today's presentations:

From France, the great director Carlos de Carvalho, regales us a well-worked short animation tittled "Do I Have Power"; through chinesse shadows , he gets us into the quirky world of a child in his interaction with nature. Do not miss the unique beauty of this creation that brings us Carlos.

This is followed by the creation "Monster and Duimplim". It has been send from the U.S. by the animation director Jihwan Jung. "Monster and Duimplim" is a 3D animated short film that tells a tender story about friendship between a boy and a monster. This work has won several international awards at festivals in USA, Korea and Canada. It has also been selected as a finalist for about twenty animation festivals around the world.

From Mexico City, friends of the "Llamarada de Petate" provide us with three magnificent creations under their production. A quality offer for all ages that you can enjoy in the short film category under the name "Sin Juicio", "A secas" and "El Cortejo"

And so we enter into the multimedia category, in which today we have the great pleasure to welcome the prestigious director from Mozambique, Nildo Essa. Making us feeling proud for his debut at international festivals, Nildo presents us the quality that treasures his animation work "Rice Factory". A very interesting film classified somewhere between a short film and an tv spot, which speaks clearly of the great emergency of animation in Africa.

And changing to the retrospective category, we have the great pleasure to welcome two well-known participants in Animacam.

From Canada Scott Portingale presents "Photosyntesis", a Stop Motion animation which has brought him to the top of several international festivals.

The other is Sil van der Woerd from Holland, who presents a lively clip of the singer "Lady Jane Blue" and whose title is "Worms". This creation shows perfectly the quality of this director when setting 3D environments, which we could already enjoy in the last edition of Animacam with "White Swan".

And to finish with the weekend's offer, we are glad to present from Slovakia the great animation director Veronika Obertová, who brings us a great work under the name "Viliam" and which has led Veronika to succeed in Festivals of the 5 continents.

So now we say goodbye until next Monday, when you will be albe to enjoy with special animated works of the great Korean director Jisuk Jung.

Happy weekend friends!

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