Thursday, November 17, 2011

Special premiere of the Balieri Studio's animation creations in Animacam 2011

Today we are pleased to present 6 animated works of Balieri Studio's friends, through which we will review the animated career of these renowned friends.

Without further ado, we let's start with the presentations: And to begin chronologically we are pleased to present the short animation film of the director Renato Roldán Ramis: "La semilla del recuerdo". A great animated work that talks about remembering loved ones that have gone.

Following in the retrospective category, we present another twist on the hugely popular series "Lost". If you're a fan of "Lost" can not miss "Lost, the lost charpter".

Going on with the great creativity that friends Balieri Studio have, we are pleased to present "Nono y la luna". A fantastic project with a great technical quality and colorful that will leave you with a very sweet taste.

And so we enter into the multimedia category and shortfilm to present three works on project, that are seeking funding to further develop the great talent of these artists.

With "Kutxu!" they show a lively and intimate proposal, with a clear focus on younger audiences, that we wish to see transformed into a series soon, knowing that it will surely have a guaranteed success.

The suggestive side comes with the project "Lorna 2.0". A futuristic thriller full of suggestive shapes and a lot of action, which comes together in a melting pot of technical quality to give to this creation a very interesting and lively claim.

And finally, we present in the short film category the creation "Once upon a Love". A hilarious love story full of humor, which clearly reflects the great creativity that Renato Roldán and the friends of Balieri Studio have. We hope that the adventure will continue on the mobile phone.

And with these creation we say goodbye for now. But before we would like to remind you about the final match of the vote in Animacam: there are only two weeks left and you can still send your films

We are waiting for you!

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